Paperwork has taken more time and effort than I originally estimated. Reason for this has been that I have been going through all my papers (receipts etc). Important papers I have scanned and those will be sent to Finland, all other papers I have been feeding through shredder.

For the trip, most important documents to be organized are:

  • Insurances
  • Visas
  • Carnee de passage

I took 2 year extended medical insurance from ADAC Germany. I called through over 10 companies, but seems like one big limiting factor is mode of transportation… They do not want to insure you if you travel with the motorcycle…

Visa process was started early enough (applied Visas all the way to India from
This process is still ongoing and will be continue until the last days of the preparation. Reason for this is that some of the visas need to be requested just in the last minute. I thought that only option would be to use professionals, because othervice I should have been in Berlin almost all the time. Rest of the Visas I will request on the way.
Good source for Visa issues is Finnish foreign affairs –pages.
I will gather so many Visas and stamps during the trip, that I requested and got 2 passports. This will also be extra security during the trip if I loose one of the passports.

Carnee de passage sounded in the beginning really complicated document, but ADAC has really good page to describe this process. Also payment options are there so you can handle it directly with ADAC or you can involve your own bank to the process.
I should receive my Carnee by the end of May.
Carnee is temporary import permit for vehicle in to a country. With this document you can take your own vehicle in to a country without leaving refundable money to the border. Amount of the money depends of the countries and the value of your vehicle, Egypt for example requires 800% payment of the vehicle value… Reason why there is this payment is to avoid people to take their vehicle to the country and later to sell it, so in this sence this is like import tax.

If you want to ride through Pamir Highway in Tadjikistan, then you will also need GBAO-permit. This can be requested at the same time when you request also your passport.

I have also made color copies from my driverĀ“s license and then laminated them. This is so that I can present copy driverĀ“s license if it is requested.

Last thing what I would like to say here is that; Start you process early enough and prioritize, you will have huge hurry when trip is getting closer… Be active!