Camping, navigation and medikit

I will carry my camping gear with me so that I can stop whenever needed/wanted. I enjoy camping, so plan is to spend lot of nights somewhere in the wilderness.

I purchased Hilleberg Nammatj 2GT for my Iceland trip. I have also Hilleberg footprint to keep tent drier and cleaner. Nammatj 2GT has also large vestibule, so in case of bad weather I can cook inside the tent and keep my gear out of sight.

I will also carry tarp with me just in case I need larger dry area or protection from the sun.

Sleeping mat:
I have Exped Downmat long. It packs really small size, is quite thick, comfortable and well insulated.

Sleeping bag:
Haglöfs down sleeping bag. Good from freezing temperatures to around +15C. For hotter temperature I will use only silk mummy liner.

Been using Primus Omnifuel system now for some time. It accepts many different kind of fuels ranging from LP gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene even to aviation fuel. At this point I have only used petrol, but during the trip I am forced to use whatever fuel is available (well gasoline I have always in my fueltank).
Why I do not carry camping gas? Gas cartridges could be really difficult to find outside Europe, but fuel is available everywhere.

One thing what I need to highlight here from the omnifuel has been plastic fuel pump. It started leaking, so I wrote to Primus. They sent me replacement pump free of charge, but I still though that it is better to get more reliable pump, so I bought older fully aluminium pump from Primus.

I will take MSR teflon cooking pots with me. Been using those now for few years without any issue, so let´s see how long time they will last intensive usage.

I will use GPS-navigation system in places where I have map available. Most probably my device for this trip is going to be Garmin Montana.

I do not plan to trust only for GPS because it is electric device and can break. Due to this I will carry paper maps with me as also normal compass. Actually I needed to have special “global” compass because this trip will take me to northern and also southern hemisphere (normal compass will only work either in north or south, but not on both hemispheres).

Building a good medikit for the trip is one big task.
Clean needles, antibiotics etc are needed in addition to the normal stuff.
Vaccinations started at the end of February and stopped in May.

Malaria is one big item because there is no vaccination for it.
3 different medications are available, one will cause skin problems, other hallusinations and third is expensive.
I cannot take any preventative medication because I will spend so much time in Malaria area… So, if I get high fever without any clear reason, then I need to start medication and try to find doctor…
I selected Malarone for my carry on Malaria medication.