Bayburt to Artvin

Evening from Artvin!

Today is my last day in Turkey. Thursday I will continue my journey to Georgia.
I will write separate post about my thoughts of Turkey.

After road #915 I spent night in Bayburt. Monday target was to ride back to the Black Sea shore and check few places which were circled on my map.

Road #925 climbed up over 2600m. Scenery was looking same as in alps, felt like I have never even left… Air was nice, clean and cool, so spent quite much time on top just sitting and enjoying the scenery.

As I was approaching Black Sea my nose picked fine scent of fresh tea! All the slopes were covered with the tea bushes and nearby town had tea prosessing facility. Such a nice scent in the valley!

A bit after this I was stopped by gendarmes. They wanted to see my papers and next thing what I heard was question “what do you have in all these bags?”
I thought that this is going to take some time if I need to unpack everything, so removed my helmet and gloves and got ready to start unpacking.
For my surprise, they said “just tell us what is inside”. So, soon I had my passport back and I was going forward.
These gendarmes were really nice and polite. As all the people during my trip, they seemed to be really interested for what I am doing.

Closer to the shore I got, stronger the tea scent was. Not too strong, but so strong that I needed to stop and have a nice cup of tea 🙂

Motorway on the shore was once again boring, but soon I reached Ardesen and turned towards Ayder.
Small road was in perfect shape, it was curvy and followed really nice narrow valley.

Ayder was similar place as Uzungöl on a previous day.
Also this place was quite packed with people. I guess locals come here to enjoy their freetime and nature, not a bad choise!
I checked 4 hotels for free rooms, but all of them were either full or price was out of my range. Shame, now I needed to head back and try to find another place to stay.

On my way back to the shore, I still checked one hotel, but it was also full (but got one cup of tea for free).
In Ardesen I checked 2 hotels. 1st one was too expensive and 2nd did not have internet. When I was waiting my chance to turn to left, I barely escaped for being ran over by two cars… I saw from my mirror how first car was coming towards me and swerved in a last possible second! Second car did similar trick… I was wondering what the heck these guys are doing while driving? Tie their shoelaces? I had my turnsignal on, so I should have been visible. Luckily, nothing happened and I was able to continue forward…

Arhav got closer while red sun touched the surface of the Black Sea. Found hotel which was cheap and bed sheets were clean.
I also experienced something for the first time in my life, I was asked to park my bike inside the lobby! Now I was able to sleep with the peace in mind 🙂
I had also another “first time in my life” experience in Arhav: No water during the night from the tab… Do not know at which time they closed that water main, mut around 1am, there was no water anymore.

Tuesday was just a short ride to Artvin, took me a bit over an hour to get there. Artvin has been built to a quite steep hill. so there are many hairpins when you ride to the center of town.
Hotel receptionist noticed nail in my rear tire. At the beginning I thougt it has not gone all the way in, but I was wrong. Nail was roughly 10cm long and most of it was inside the tyre (pulled it partly out to check, but decided to push it back in). I decided to fix this on Wednesday at the same time when I would change the oil.

For Wednesday I did not had too many things to do, so took really easily the whole morning.
At some point of the day I forced myself out to do planned things. Washed my bike and carried 3l oil can to the cashier in gas-station. Did not want to pay it but used it to eplain to the guy that where I can change my oil. I think after 5th try he understood what I ment and guided me to some direction.

Rode down and found possible place for oil change. For my surprice, I found one helpful guy who spoke english. He walked with me to nearbuy garages and already second garage agreed to let me change the oil.
I have changed oil so many times that it did not take too many minutes. After this also hole in the rear tyre got sticky plug.
Spent next hour discussing with the guy who helped me finding this garage. Thank you for your help Göktürk!

Rest of the day went fast by washing my riding suit and going through the photos of Turkey.

On Thursday I will leave Turkey behind and go to Georgia!

Thumbnails are now a bit bigger than last post. Are they better now, or should they be still bigger?

5 thoughts on “Bayburt to Artvin

  1. Hi Marko,

    Pictures ( no matter the format) and comments about Turkey were absolutely fascinating, it seems to be a special land of contrasts, blessed with a lot of nature wonders.
    Quite extending sampling on tea there, but no offer from locals to try out nargileh/hubble-bubble? 🙂
    These are already memories for a lifetime and there is a lot more to this journey 🙂

    Turvalllista matkaa towards next adventure Georgia.

  2. Thumbnail pics are fine Marko, we can click on them and make them bigger still ourselfs, great pics. Still raining in UK, swapping bike for a boat soon!!!

  3. On kyllä mukava seurata tätä sinun matkaasi.Kiva kun tekstiä tulee kuvien tueksi.Kuvat ja kuvakkeet on Ok.
    Turvallista matkaa:)
    T Jarski

  4. Hello Marko, a lot of firsts in your life:-)
    In these NE region of Turkey consists hundreds of endemic (means only exist in this part of the world) plants and flowers in the nature. They are really expensive flowers since only exists very scarcely.I red on the news that some tourists(!) tried to pick many of them up and get through the border while they were stopped with huge amount of fine for destroying the only a few remaining of some species. So, I guess, since then gendarme had check points. So, keep in mind if you like a flower and want to take that with you:-)

  5. Ha, running out of space for your country list soon, time to head back then 😀

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