Back in Turkey

Greetings from Göreme, Turkey!

I needed to spent Friday in Girne, Cyprus because my ferry left at midnight.
Major thanks to Levent from the hotel Grand Center in Girne for letting me do late check out without extra cost! Also thank you for nice discussion!

Half of the day I spent updating finnish version of the Cyprus-blog and other half I spent visiting Saint Hilarion Castle.
While visiting castle, I also met Ado, from BMW Motorrad Riders Cyprus. Ado was on his way to do holiday ride to europe. Hoping everything goes well on your ride! And once again, thank you for the ice tea!

Visiting castle was nice, but climbing up to the hill while wearing riding gear is quite tough… Did not visit the peak, because I was sweating more than enough 🙂

Paperwork at ferry terminal was really quick this time and got to the ferry without waiting. Ado mentioned that other ferry (other company) is faster, so you might want to use this (price is same).
Ferry was same as previously, so quickly searched my place and fell asleep.

Paperwork in Turkey was quite fast, so I got back to the road in no time.

This time I was heading towards north. I had roughly 300km to my destination, which was lake Gölü.
Road (#715) from Silifke to Karaman was nice, going all the time at over 1000m high (so temperature was also nice).
From Eskil, I turned to a gravel road and from gravel road I headed to smaller and smaller paths until they also ended.
I just kept going (trying to find salt flats), until I started to get to soft stuff… At this point I decided to turn and go back a bit, because I do not want to dig up my 300kg fairy from the mud 🙂

Soon I found good spot for my camp and put up my tarp for the hottest time of the day.
At some point I noticed wildfire in the horizon. Got a bit worried if I need to leave the area, but luckily wind did not blow wildfire to my direction. It was really hard to judge if fire was 5km or 10km away from my camp, but I had everything planned if I would need to leave fast.
Spent half of the day in shade doing nothing. After temperature lowered to comfortable level, I took down my tarp and put up my tent.
Why did I put up tarp? It provides nice shade, but lets air flow through, this does not happen inside the tent.

Took few photos of the sunset and soon went to bed. Around 2300, wind started to be really strong and I was a bit worried if thunder storm is coming. Reason why I was worried was because my tent was highest point in several km radius in dry lake bed…

Well, thunder storm did not come and I slept well till around 5. Quick breakfast and packed my gear before day got too warm.

Today´s target was to visit Derinkuyu and Rock sites of Cappadocia.

Before I got to Derinkuyu, I saw amazing rock formation (Peristrema Vadisi) in Selime. Mountain had eroded to sharp peaks and people had carved city inside these peaks!

I think this area is volcanic area (or has been at some point), because I saw similar calderas as in Iceland. I also saw few signs for thermal baths.

I had always thought that Derinkuyu is somewhere in the mountains, but it was actually in the middle of the town Derinkuyu!
Entrance was a bit hard to find, but once inside, I was speechless. Huge amount of tunnels and rooms underground! Guide mentioned that it went down to the depth of 55m, which we visited. It was really “out of this world” experience!

From Derinkuyu, I headed north to see these famous rock formations.
Once I got to a correct area, I had to stop several times to take helmet of and shoot some photos.
Mother nature can really make real masterpieces!
If you are not so much beach person, this area is worth visit!

Now I need to go to bed early, because tomorrow morning I will go for a hot air balloon flight over the rock formations!

Not sure when I am able to write next update because tomorrow (after the flight) I will head more to the east. Some nice areas are waiting 🙂

7 thoughts on “Back in Turkey

  1. Hello Hamuli, hope all is going well and you are progressing as planned.
    I have finished my trip too and back in Cyprus. Should you decide to ever come back to this lovely Island, let me know…. and for sure ice teais on me.
    Good luck and take care

  2. Amazing scenes – stunning pictures, Marko!
    If ever George Lucas will discover this place, next Star Wars scene for shure 😉
    Thanks for sharing and have fun!

  3. I have been heading towards east, tomorrow I will reach planned destination. Is it Nemrut? Possibly 😉

  4. Really beautiful pictures of your bike in sunset & all those rock formations! 🙂

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