Journey has started!

After few hours of sleep I was ready to visit office for the last time.
Did not loose my night sleep, but repacking took such a long time.

I hate to say goodbyes, but this time I was not able to avoid it. Few friends had gathered to the front of the office to see my departure.
After quite emotional goodbyes I left the office with the tears in my eyes…
Could someone please send me a photo of the farewells and departure? I forgot to take any photos…

Before hitting the road, I still needed to get greencard (received three versions, but all of them had wrong address).

Weather was not on my side after I started riding towards south. I was followed by rainshower after rainshower and in Switzerland it started to be constant rain. From the positive side, waterfalls were really awesome!

My target for the first day was to get to Milan to meet a friend and just to spent first full day in the town.

Still cannot believe that this trip has actually now started! I do not know how long time it will take, but would guess around 1 month before I understand that this is not just another holiday…

Tuesday I spent walking in Milan. Naturally visited Milan Cathedral “Duomo di Milano”.

Wednesday morning started with the goodbyes of a dear friend. Because I was in Italy, there was lot of emotions… While riding away from Milan, I thought that this was last familiar face for a long long long time…

Dolomites were as beautifull as always, this time I was riding almost the whole day in the rain. Passo di Gaia was only pass today which I was able to ride in dry weather. Highly recommend this passo, nice scenery and lot of curves.

I noticed today that I start to get an faint idea what is going to happen, let´s see how I will react when reality will hit me.

Stopped for a night in Cortina. There are several fellow Turkish riders in this hotel. I hope I can get some hints from there where I should ride in Turkey.

Tomorrow I will head towards east, let´s see where I will sleep next night!

3 thoughts on “Journey has started!

  1. This is really a huge task. Your r not alone during the battle. Envy u!!!

  2. Finally!

    No more talking things, now it is time to do them. Would be interesting to follow your journey with this web page.

    Proposal from me to other followers: let’s draw tight our network and stretch it a bit, means let’s use our all connections around the world and create great publicity for this guy and this trip.

    Everybody of us know somebody who knows journalists or two there and here.

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