Test ride

Thank you for the nice and positive feedback what I have received via comment field!

Got all my passports back now with all needed visas! Only thing what is missing anymore is Greencard (I have few of them but none have correct address) which I hopefully receive latest on Monday.
It is funny how busy these last weeks have been, even I started preparations months ago.

Been packing during the weekend and got almost all the stuff fitted in. I still need to do one repacking on Sunday and throw some clothes and other stuff away.

For a test ride I came to excellent German HU-meeting close to Manheim. Really nice atmosphere here again (as always) and lot of interesting travel stories.
Bike feels good when it is packed and new Heidenau K60-tires are also ok.

Tomorrow I will head back to Ulm, have farewell dinner over there , repack everything and try to get decent sleep…
On Monday I will still stop by at the office and hopefully around 10 I can finally start this trip…

Few photos from the meeting:

14 thoughts on “Test ride

  1. Hi Marko

    Good to see you at the HU meet – you must be on your way now so safe riding. Me and Mark (Bushman) are in Hungary at the moment and into Romania tomorrow and Bulgaria HUBB meeting by the weekend.

  2. Sir Marko
    All the best and drive safe !
    Keep the GPS on and I will be prepared when you get close to Brazil – Sao Paulo 🙂
    Enjoy my friend !
    All the best
    Dennis Kalju Hullu 😉

  3. Onnea matkaan!! Aja varovasti. Ei tarvi kysya: etta missa on Marko, kun on trackeri! Keep smiling!

  4. Hi Marko,

    just 1 minute left until your 1st day is over. Time to send you my best wishes on your trip.


  5. Bon Voyage!!! Enjoy! Hope to see you in South Africa or Cambodia 🙂

  6. Save and nice trip, Marko!
    You are our role model and inspiring example!
    Take care!

  7. Hi Marko,
    today you are just about 30 min late. IT was a very emotional moment. Drive save and enjoy your dream !
    Thump up !

  8. Marko, thank you for the quick phone call today, Michele, Buster and I will be following you on the internet all the way. Be safe my adventurous brother.

  9. Hyvän matkan toivotukset täältä pohjanmaallta. Trakki näkyy hienosti.

  10. Hey Marko,
    was good to see you again at the meeting! Wish you just the best for tomorrow! If we meet up in New Zealand, that’d be awesome. 🙂

  11. Good luck man!

    I wish you good start and don’t take care too much, more like have fun there. In the world.

    Force will be with you.

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