May update

Time is flying, fast! Maybe too fast…
May is almost gone, 3 weeks till to the start.
Have not had any time to think about what is going to start soon. Been organizing things, getting final bike parts, arranging banking (getting additional credit cards, etc) etc etc.

According to, all others except Uzbekistan Visa should be ok. Have been in a phone today with Uzbekistan embassy to request LOI (as was instructed by visumpoint), conclusion looks now that I need to use local travel agency in Uzbekistan to get LOI (Letter Of Invitation) for me.

Some bad news even before the start of the trip. Been planning to have 25 days ride in China (from Tibet to Laos), but now China has changed incoming rules and it looks like I need to skip this magnificent part of the trip completely (just fly to Bankok).
We are following the situation carefully, hopefully things will get back to normal asap.

All riding gear is also now ready. Purchased Ortema X-Pert kneeprotectors, went over my budget, but should be really good ones.
Ortema X-Pert
Carnee should arrive within the next 2 weeks. This has also been a hassle, but now everything should be clear.

I have moved my papers to the neighbouring town (Blaustein), thank you Frank and Ildiko for giving me an address!

Lot of things are ongoing all the time, I try to give short updates more frequently from now-on 🙂

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