On the road again!

After a week work in Jakarta, my bike is running again!
Damage to the bike was even greater than I had expected, because front frame had been damaged beyond repair.
Luckily I got new used front frame and was able to get bike fixed.
Major thanks for all the help goes to Motorrad Corner in Jakarta (I will put contact information to my link page)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
While I was riding back to Surabaya, I noticed that my front forks are heavily leaking oil. Yesterday I opened them again and noticed that I had put the seals upside down… Do not know how I managed to do that since I checked the orientation many times… But now it is working fine 🙂
Tomorrow I will start riding towards Bali!

BIG thanks for all the help I got after the acciden goes to Dr Erwing, Yudi, Fogy and Grattianno! Thank you guys! Without you getting back going again would have been million times harder!

8 thoughts on “On the road again!

  1. Hi Joachim,

    It was a lot of work to get my baby going on again…
    After Bali, I will go to Lombok, but seems like my schedule will get a bit tight.
    Those three islands were also recommended to me by locals


  2. Godspeed my friend.
    I know you always take care…..but please, i want see you here in Brazil safe.
    All the best and enjoy

  3. Great news that you’re back on the road !
    Should I throw some beer to the fridge for you already ? 🙂

  4. Hi Marko,

    so nice to see you get erverything fixed are now you are ready to continue your trip!

    Have a save ride to Bali – i am shure you will enjoy the peaceful surrounding of Ubud. If your plan is to move over to Lombok please don’t miss the three little islands, the gilis named Air, Trawangan and Meno if you looking for a few days time-out. Wonderful snorkling spots….

    All the best – take care

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