Worse than expected

Yesterday I spent in Yudi´s garage working with my bike.
Reason was to get all damaged parts off from the bike, so that I would know which parts I need to get when I am in Germany.
It was quite tough to try to work with one hand. Lucky for me Yudi´s mechanic was helping me!
I had already a quite a good idea what parts have been damaged in the accident, so no real surprises there. Only tough thing was to get all these bended and damaged parts off from the bike…

Biggest surprise came when we noticed that one of the motor fixing points to the frame had cracked quite badly! Oh sh*t!
So, to get good view of the damage, we needed to take more parts out from the bike.
Damage is severe, but it should be fixable by welding. Biggest worry in welding (for me) is how they can keep the surrounding temperatures down so that seals won´t be damaged…

14 thoughts on “Worse than expected

  1. Hi Mika,

    Yes, when you do this kind of things there is always possibility that things do not go as planned.
    Head is full bone, so this kind of small setbacks cannot turn my mind around 😀

  2. Hi Marko,

    Sad to see what happened, but I think You were very lucky anyway, “rapatessa joskus roiskuu” as we tend to say sometimes…Just good luck for your journey whenever it continues… as you know we Finns never give up (we are so hard heads… ):-)



  3. Moro Jartsu,

    Joo, lekuri meinas että tuo 2kk pitäis olla riittävä. Kuuteen viikkoon ei kuulemma saa kädelle laittaa painoa eikä juuri muutenkaan rasittaa…
    Pitää hommata itelle vielä rannetuki pariksi ekaksi kuukaudeksi.

  4. Moi Marko,

    Koitahan hoitaa ittes kuntoon. Pyörä siinä sivussa. Älä aloita liian aikaisin pyöräileen se voi alkaa tuntua pahalta ranteessa – joskus vaan peukalon nurinpäin vääntäneenä tuli koettua ja oli kipeä puoli vuotta…Sulla on pitkä matka edessä joten älä hätäile.
    Pikaista paranemista Ulmista toivotellen.

    Jari W

  5. Hi Sasha and Kerstin,

    Things over here are going well. Bike has been stripped and it will be taken for welding this or next week.
    People are super helpful over here, it still amazes me.

    Safe ride to you two!

  6. Thanks Nick!

    Yes, need to look forward already and plan how this misfortune would least affect my adventure.

  7. Hi Heike & Filippo,

    It sucks, but this is always a risk on the trip like this, so have to just accept it.
    Been already scouting ebay for parts. Looks like most of the parts I can get from there.
    Maybe I will see you in Australia next time 🙂

    Ride safely!

  8. Hi Eero,

    Yes, I think protective gear really saved me this time.
    Hopefully this is going to be the only drama during the trip 🙂
    For sure I will have few cold ones 🙂

  9. Hello Marko,

    sad to hear! I hope everything including your wrist is fixable. If you need any more help from the locals, like storing the bike, fixing etc. let us know and we can put you in contact with some other bikers which we met there. The people are just amazing in Indo and quite a lot though… 😉

    So all the best from Kerstin and me!


  10. Hi Marko,

    we are so sorry for you! We have been without internet during the last week and read what happened only 2 days ago. That was quite a shock! Luckily nothing worse happened – but the broken wrist and the damage to your bike is worse enough….
    We hope that your hand will recover soon, and that you can fix the bike. Looking forward to have you back on the road soon…

    Take care and best wishes,
    Heike & Filippo

  11. Oh crap! Looks like the bike took most of the impact, and I guess wearing professional gear really paid off this time! It sucks of course, but could be so much worse.

    I’m sure you will be riding again soon, and this accident will be yet another story in your incredible adventure :-). Which you can share in a retirement home in some 50 years (nobody will believe you but it’ll be entertaining).

    By the way: when you get to Munich, make sure you get a few cold ones and a Schnitzel also on my behalf :-).

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