Accident in Java, Indonesia

Around 17:00 on Tuesday 28th of May, I was searching a hotel in Pasuruan, Java, Indonesia.
I do not have any memory for what happened next, but the first thing what I can remember is that I was standing next to the bike and holding my left wrist which was looking strange. My wrist was wobbly and shape of a letter s…

My bike was leaning towards sidewalk, looking chrushed and I was surrounded by many people.
I remember that I took my gps off the bike, asked someone to give me my tankbag, removed my earplugs, asked someone to call police and ambulance and then passed out again.

I woke up few times inside the ambulance when poilce officer (who was escorting me) touched my sholder.

I got to a hospital in Surabaya. I was extremely lucky to get in to this hospital, because Indonesian leading hand surgent Dr. Erwin is working here.
Tuesday evening and night went really fast, I guess I got somekid of painkillers to help me sleep.

Same thing continued most of Wednesday, I was sleeping a lot.
My hand was x-rayed and MRI was also taken. Doctor told me that one of the bones has been badly chrushed in my wrist and that he needs to put external support to my arm (not enough intact bone in my wrist to screw any plates there).
Around 18:00 I was in operating room and I was told to close my eyes.

Sometime during the night I woke up when nurse came to chech my blood pressure and at the same time I noticed this metal support in my hand.

By Thursday midday I had already met several local bikers in the hospital. I am truly amazed, speechless and overwhelmed of the kindness, help and support what I have received from these people! They promised to help me with my bike, police, garage etc!
Dr Erwin is a biker also and he told me that I can stay in his house until I get things organized and have flight tickets to Germany (to continue my arm treatment and to get parts for my bike)! Wow! How kind are these people towards a total stranger (but fellow rider)!

I was released from hospital on Thursday evening. A big thanks to the wonderful, smily personnel in Surabaya Siloam hospital!
Several hours on Friday I spent in Pasuruan police station, doing reports and looking my bike.
Things went really easily at the station, BIG thanks to Fogy (anothr fellow rider) who sent three persons from his company to help me with translations!
At the police station I heard that I have had an accident with a small truck. I am so happy that I have been wearing my full protective clothing all the time, because there was a big chance for a much bigger damage!

Yudi, local biker and a fellow R1200GS rider sent a truck to the police station to pick my bike from there and to store it to his garage! Now I also have a place for my bike! Thanks Yudi!

People have helped me here a lot, these people are just truly amazing and I can never thank them enough…
Embassy from Bali has been in contact with the police and hospital. Unfortunately I have not yet had a chance to thank them for all the help.

Now what is going to happen is that I will check the bike what all the parts need to be replaced, I try to organize flight to Germany on this coming week to continue the treatment of my arm and then start gathering all the parts.

I will keep u posted now quite frequently.

Still want to thank everyone for the nice emails, comments and facebook comments! It has been really nice to read your nice greetings and best wishes! Unfortunately I have not been able to log in to fb, so no updates there.

47 thoughts on “Accident in Java, Indonesia

  1. Hi Lucas!
    Hopefully things are going well in Poland?
    Things look much better now, start to have all the parts and hand is getting better day by day.
    Next bigger thing is to see if airlines can get my parts to Indonesia… knock, knock, knock (Knocking the wood).


  2. Hi Marko! I just read the story. It looks serious but I’m sure you’ll get well soon. Keep the spirit!
    All the best!

  3. Moi Marko!
    Pikaista paranemista Marko, toivottavasti käsi tulee pian sellaiseen kuntoon että pääset jatkamaan mahtavaa matkaasi. On ollut ilo seurata reissuasi tosi hienojen kuvien ja tarinoiden kera.


  4. Moi Kari,

    Koitan saada sen tänään käännettyä (sairaalan nettiyhteys oli onneton, joten sieltä ei voinut tehdä mitään).


  5. Toissapäivänä vasen ranne leikattu toiseen kertaan, varmaan sitten tulee suomennos kun siitä vähän kerkiää toipua 🙂

  6. Oooh shit!! Just read what happened…..I´m happy nothing really serious happened to you my friend!! Good that you are always wearing good protective gear! And good to read that all the peaople were so nice and helpful to you – that´s how it should always be in such situations.
    I wish you to recover soon to get back on the bike!! Good luck with the repairs too.
    I´ll be back home from ca 18th June onwards – will you be close to Ulm?
    Depending on the schedule of your treatments and your abilities to move around: This weekend is the Touratech Travel event in Niedereschach…..I´ll be there!

    ALL THE BEST!!!!

  7. Toipumisia. Jatka sitä mistä niin monet haaveilee mutta niin harva uskaltaa toteuttaa. Ja muista kirjoittaa kokemuksista tänne jotta ne jotka ei uskalla toteuttaa voivat edes haaveilla 🙂

  8. Kiitokset mikko. On tää “ykskätisyys” vaan yllättävän hankalaa… Eihän sitä nyt yhden vastoinkäymisen saa antaa suunnitelmia muuttaa 🙂

  9. Kivutonta toipumista sulle. Oot sä sissi, mietteissä vaan että ” ei ku eteenpäin”. Vanha partiopoika?

  10. There is only one way from here and that is forward 🙂
    I am also really grateful for all Indonesian people who have helped me here.

  11. What bad news, but am glad your ok and fine
    Wishing you a full recovery
    Take care
    Saleh from Dubai-UAE

  12. puh – what shocking news. Glad to know that you are alreadz recovering (after a short vacation I checked on you today). Welcome to Germany for treatment. And I am thankful to the Indonesian people for looking after you.

  13. Hi Anin,

    Yep… My journey is now onhold until my arm and bike are fixed.
    Enjoy Bali, I will get there at some point.


  14. Hello marko,I am quite shocked,!! Now I am in bali,,too sad we can’t meet,,hope you get well soon,. ~

  15. Oh geez ! Get well soon , greetings from CA.
    The battle was tough for you this time , but the war continues 🙂 Keep on Ridin’ !

  16. Happy to be alive. They told that I hit truck from the side (rear wheel), but could not tell how/why it happened.
    Not really a shaky feeling, just annoyed (but, maybe this is a part of the journey…)

  17. Moro Visa,

    No sitä samaa toivon… Ei o herkkua olla rikki…
    Pakko se on korjata kun ei oo vara uuteen, eikä pyörää voi vaihtaa.
    Täälläkin tarkenee, toivottavasti eteläinen eurooppakin lämpenee kun sinne pääsen.


  18. Hi Nico,
    Yes, Adac is arranging flight back to Germany for me, so will be there in few days I guess.


  19. Wow.. that is a shocking headline…
    Glad to see you alive and recovering – even though with “external” support of a Terminator-like metal part… 🙂
    All the best to see you riding again soon!!!

  20. Toivottvasti oli nyt sitten se reissun ainoa pakollinen kolari. Hyvä että sattui nyt sitten tuollaisessa paikassa eikä keskellä erämaata! Ja onneksi se on ‘vaan’ vasen ranne…

    Kannattaako Bemukka sitten vielä korjata? Mites ois uudenkarhea 2013 malli? 🙂

    No, hyvää toipumisaikaa ja jos lämpöä kaipaat, niin kannattaa tulla Lappiin, se on ny Euroopan kuumin paikka 🙂

  21. S*it! Good to see you are alive, man! Did they tell anything more about the crash, how did it actually happen? Hope you can heal your body and soul in Germany, must be still a bit shaky feeling. Take care!

  22. It did not end this way, this is only a one part of the trip. I will continue towards Bali and onwards, when my hand is ok and bike fixed 🙂

  23. Front end is pretty much destroyed… Tomorrow I will remove all damaged parts from the bike and make a list what I need to bring back over here.

  24. Thanks Joachim!

    Maybe I will call it a handbreak 🙂 Now hb is on for riding…
    I need to try to find a good handspecialist from Munich area and hopefully we can do some miracles with the hand…

    Even I am travelling alone, this experience shows that I am never alone, I am surrounded with truly amazing people everywhere.
    Kindness of the people over here in Idonesia is mindbogling!

    If I am in that area during my recovery, I will let you know.

    Thanks again!

  25. Hi Nicole,

    Well, now I will have time to write more stories (I am few months behind, so stories will keep on coming).
    Oh, yes, that is my plan 🙂
    I will leave my bike here to wait new parts.


  26. Juu, aika kova isku tuli, mutta ihmeesti se toi kroppa vaan kestää (vaikka hellänä onkin).
    People are truly amazing, words are not enough…
    I need some coffee in Germany 😉

  27. Huh… kovan tällin oot saanut. Eiköhän se ranne parane, niin pääset vielä ajamaan. Nice to see that people are so helpful and friendly. Get better soon and let us know if you need some help in Germany!

  28. Sorry to hear the end of this first stage of your round the world tour. I had only just caught up with reading the entire blog (once more !!) and truly appreciating all these lovely photos you have published.
    At least the weather in Europe is bearable, though it could be a little warmer for June… Once your wrist is OK you could well be back just on time to escape the horrible European winter.
    Hope all goes OK with wrist treatment in Germany and Please do carry on where you left. Carry on to regale us, lazy armchair travellers, with your wonderful stories.
    All the best.

  29. Hey Markko

    Shocked to hear about your accident. Hope you are recovering asap and continuing with your journey. All The Best To You…!!!!



  30. Dear Marko,

    1st of all i would like to send you by very best wishes to get convalescence as soon as possible. You know the next 2 months minimum that fixateur stays close to you day and night. Give that damn alien part a cosy name – it maybe helps become friend instead of alien.

    That outside bone fixateur looks so creepy and scary for people sourrounding you – many years ago i was in need for such a fix on my tibia after a bike crash. Everything went well – that is my biggest wish for your arm/wrist also.

    Very nice to hear so much Indonesian people were of assistance and helped you in any circumstances to organize everything. Splendid guys!

    As you did i am struggling with facebook – now i go register to follow you just in time.

    Please don’t hestitate to get in touch with me if you are in need for any support in the Rhein-Main Area in Germany. You are always welcome.

    Hope this bad restriction in motion will not to be too painful on your flight back to Germany.

    All the best buddy!

    Today is Sunday June 2nd – the 1st day the sun comes out and temperatures will raise up to 16°C plus in Southwest Germany – just to welcome you!


  31. Hi Marko,

    I’m so happy to see, that you have started to recover! Get well soon!
    You have been very strict and wearing only good quality driving equipment, now those were paid back 🙂
    Thanks to all the friendly people in Java, who took care of Marko after the accident!


  32. Hopefully you will get your hand fixed quickly and can continue the trek soon. BMW doesn’t look too good though.

  33. Oh, too bad it all ended this way! But very nice to hear that you’re ok!!! And what happens after the hand is ok….? You never know?? Maybe you continue your trip??

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