Christmas holiday in Germany

This part of the story is from 14.12.2012 to 14.01.2013:

I spent 1 month holiday in Germany visiting friends, getting some spare parts and doing some needed paperwork.
This one month holiday came in a good time, because I already started to notice that trip has overwhelmed my senses. So many new things, smells, tastes, people etc etc that it had consumed a lot of energy to get this all new information sinking in. This is not a normal holiday trip, it is a lifestyle now.

Weather in Germany was really cold after staying such a long time in warm areas. One of the first places I visited was Dresden. I have passed this city many times, but now it was time to spend few days over there and see the town a bit.
Dresden Frauenkirche was naturally one of the main things to see.
Only thing which I did not like was cold and drissly weather…

Of course I could not avoid visiting “abroad” :). I had to spend one night in Austria just to see the alps :).
On the following day I went to see 4 hill tournament skijumping in Oberstdorf together with Miss E. She had never before seen skijumping, so this was mandatory sport event to attend.

It was really nice and relaxing holiday! I really enjoyed seeing all the friends in Ulm area!
Now my batteries were charged and it was time to return to sunny Cambodia :).

PS: New photos now should have (at least most of them) GPS coordinates in EXIF-information, thanks to my new Canon GPS-unit.

4 thoughts on “Christmas holiday in Germany

  1. Hi Nick,

    I joined the facebook and will give short updates over there and publish longer updates, photos and videos in a blog.
    I try to catch up so that stories would be only week max two old 🙂

    For sure I will visit you when I come to UK 🙂


  2. Hi Marco,
    Great 2 catch up wid ur updates. Les & I hav just had a month in morocco in a van, can u belive it, no bike!!!!! nearly 3 months on da rd in total, and i think we missed the worst of da winter. now time 2 go home!?
    U must try and keep up ur reports wid ur location, perhaps a shorter report? Da 1000’s of folks watchin u need more up 2 date info not months old?
    Ps vist us when u get 2 uk.
    Don’t publish this if u don’t want my friend!!!!
    Nick & Lesx

  3. Hi Elke,

    Amazing “spring” everywhere…
    It has been snowing in Croatia (spent Easter over there)!
    Hopefully this cold season starts to be over and weather starts warming 🙂


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