Quick update from Malaysia

Been now few days in Kuala Lumpur.
Today I left my bike to a Sunny Cycles, so that they will change new rear tyre and seat cover.
They also agreed to store bike for 3 weeks free of charge!

I am now at the airport and will fly to Germany for 3 weeks.
New updates should start popping to the page quite soon 🙂

I am also in a process to create facebook page (yes, I am finally giving up…) so that I can put these short updates there and proper stories and photos will still stay in the blog page. I will inform you later when facebook page is ready.

8 thoughts on “Quick update from Malaysia

  1. Joo, tiedän tunteen…
    Kauan aikaa laitoin vastaan, mutta nyt lopulta päätin antaa periksi.
    Blogiin tulee samanlaiset päivitykset jatkossakin, naamakirjaan vain sellaiset lyhyet tilannetiedot.

  2. Hi Dong,

    I have not had plans to visit HK now. Been there so many times.
    Would be nice to see you, not the suppliers 😀


  3. master, are you still coming to Hong Kong? or Make stops at suppliers in Dongguan area, do some QA stuffs for me? 🙂
    it would be great to see you here.

  4. Hi Ari,

    -1C yesterday felt extremely cold!
    It also snowed even here in southern Germany yesterday.


  5. Hi Marko,

    Welcome back to “cold” Europe. Spring in Europe is cancelled this year, but hopefully there will be some sunny days during your stay.

  6. Hi Si,

    Greetings from cold Germany.
    Yes, let´s see how it feels like to finally use facebook 🙂


  7. Finally you relent to join us on FB! Ill be interested how you compare the communication format. Personally I like it better than blogging, I can use it more quickly and often resulting in more social interaction…which is fun;). I also don’t have your discipline for the long format. Enjoy Europe & hope to see you in Malaysia! Xxoo

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