Status update from Cambodia

Greetings from Cambodia (again)!
I have crossed the border to Cambodia now 4 times 🙂
Yesterday I learned one thing what you should consider if you will cross the border several times. Get immediately a business visa, not tourist visa!
Business visa is only $5 more expensive than tourist visa, but it allowes multiple entry to Cambodia (this is 2nd hand information).

I also hope that yesterday I was able to fix small surging issue on my bike (studders on full throttle acceleration). One of the ignition coils gave different resistance value to the others. Luckily I had spare with me and based on short testrun, problem disappeared and also deceleration is now quite quiet. Tomorrow I will see if this fix worked 🙂

Morning I visited Laos embassy to apply Laos visa (backup visa, reason for this will get clearer to you in near future ;)).
At the moment I am repacking panniers and bags, so finally I am going to be on a road again!

I am working also with the first part of the Vietnam leg, so it will be online soon.

1 thought on “Status update from Cambodia

  1. Hi Marko,

    sounds nice. I am so impatient to read your impressions from Vietnam cause i will start my 4 week trip in March from North to South including some rides with the (in)famous 😉 Easy Rider.


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