Thailand, week 4

This was my last week in Thailand before getting deeper to the mystical south-east Asia.

Last Thailand week started slowly, because I was still feeling a bit sick. Mainly I spent time in the hotel room watching movies, sleeping and eating instant noodles.

Once I was feeling a bit better, I changed to a different hotel, close to MBK-shopping mall (not on purpose, only because room was cheaper there).
I visited MBK shopping mall and noticed that there was official Canon service center. Walked in and asked how much it would cost to get my 7D cleaned.
I was really surprised when they said that it is roughly 10€ and requires 2-3 hours work! Really cheap!!!
I decided that I would visit this place again later in the afternoon and would take my camera there for cleaning.

Later in the afternoon I took the camera there and after this I spent few hours in the next door Canon store…
This was a mistake, a BIG mistake, because I was feeling really sick the rest of the day… I got horrible fever, camera fever I mean… 🙂
I tried to ease the fever by rubbing my forehead with my wallet, but it did not help at all!

Rest of the evening I spent reading reviews of the camera I was thinking of buying. Actually I think decision was already made, but I guess I was just teasing myself…

Next morning I went to pick up my 7D from the service and then I went through 5 different camera stores and got a good deal from one, so now I was happy owner of a new full frame camera 🙂
I got rid of my old 7D by exchanging it and 2 EF-S lenses to a new wide angle L-series lense…
Wow, this was an expensive morning, but what can you do when you get such a bad fever?

WARNING! It is expensive to stay put in a big city, so highly recommend to keep ongoing!

Early in the week I tried to organize service for my front shock, but unfortunately Dirt shop did not have time, so I need to get service done when I next time pass Bangkok. Front shock is still working ok, but want to get normal service done as soon as possible.

Biggest task for the week was to get broken parts welded from the bike.
I visited Dynamic Motors in Bangkok to ask them if they can do welding and fix the seat (seat had couple of holes because riding boots are rubbing against the seat when I ride standing).
They said that rear frame welding can be done there, aluminum part need to be taken to the specialist and seat cover can be fixed in nearby store.
We agreed to meet couple days later when they had more time.

At the hotel I stripped front fairing from the bike, so that it would not take so much time at Dynamic Motors.
I was shocked, because aluminum holder for the front fairing was almost completely cracked! Soon whole fairing would have collapsed and hit unaware rider to the face…

Two days later I got to the Dynamic Motors early in the morning to get rear frame welded and seat cover done (previous day I had taken aluminum part to them already).
Before welding I needed to remove fuel tank and unplug all the connectors from bike computers. This was quite fast task, as I have done this several times. Only problem was excessive sweating under the hot morning sun in a really narrow alley.

Welding was done at the backyard of the bike shop. It looks a bit rough, but main thing is that now it will hold again (it has been broken since Kyrgyzstan).
Aluminum part had also been welded and painted, so things looked really good now.

I wanted to have leather patches sewed to my seat cover (area where boots scrub the seat), so that it would hold a bit longer in the future.
Seat came back without leather patches, they had stretched the cover so that damaged areas were now invisible.
Not exactly what I wanted, but will do this leather patch trick when seat need to be fixed next time 🙂

While I was ready to put all parts back to the bike I noticed that rubber seal from the front ball joint had cracked… Shit! New ball joint would be quite expensive and might take a long time to get it… Problem also was that I was running out of time from my visa, so I could not wait another week for part to arrive!

I showed this problem to the guys at Dynamic Motors and they just said that it is better to replace rubber seal than whole ball joint! Guys went to search for suitable rubber seal and a bit later they came back with (I think) older RT seal.
This new seal fitted nicely and cost was fraction of the new ball joint!
At the same time they also fixed broken rubber dampener from the bash plate.

When I was ready to pay I asked guys if they know good material to fix broken fairings. One of the guys ran to the nearby store and brought to me some stuff.

I was really happy with the service at Dynamic motors. I think they can fix any problem you might have on your bike!

Later in the evening I tested this new putty. Mixed two materials together and the outcome was like plasticine. I used this material to fix the crack in the front fairing by laying it to the crack and surrounding roughened surface with my thumb. Working with it was really easy and I was quite happy with the outcome. Now just need to see how it will hold with all the vibrations.

Next day target was to put all parts back to the bike and get my boots fixed.

No issues for putting bike back together, bigger issue came when I got my boots fixed…

Hotel owner recommended one shoemaker to me. He had tiny booth next to the street. I grabbed my boots and started searching this guy with high hopes.
Found the guy and explained to him in Finnish and in English what is the problem (guy did not speak any English).
I also tried to explain to him that he should not push his gigantic needle through the boot because there is gore-tex layer, but before I finished my sentence guy had already punched several holes to the boot…
I knew that these boots will not hold any water anymore… But, most important thing was to fix bad seams and worry destroyed gore-layer later.

Next morning it was time to pack the bike, say farewells to the hotel owner and head towards Cambodia!

Thoughts about Thailand:

  • People are nice, but not as friendly as in many other “exotic” countries.
  • Traffic is good, people are actually following traffic rules! Bangkok traffic is quite heavy, but easily manageable.
  • Food was really good 🙂
  • I was a bit disappointed of the Thailand… It did not have any “exotic” feeling. I think it is too “western” already.
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    1. Hi Joachim,

      Yes, I think those guys can fix anything even they might not always have all original parts.
      Peoples imagination here is really amazing 🙂
      I try to get some nice photos in the future 🙂


    2. Hi Marko,
      quite nice to see how imaginative all the guys at Dynamic Motors fixed your probs. Congrats to you – enjoy the new cam – shure you will take great pics for us. Enjoy your ride to Cambodia – take care, buddy!

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