Suspension failure

Greetings from China,

Just a quick update because day has been quite busy.
Hit a big hole 2 days ago on Kirgistan side. After the impact, rear end of the bike got really high. I was lucky that bike did not go totally over…
A bit after this insident bike started to feel really strange so stopped to check it and noticed rear of my bike was as low as it can go.
After checking parts, I noticed that rear suspension was fully compressed and did not return to normal extended position.

Because we (9 other bikes) had agreed meeting with our Chinese guide at the border, I had to ride 20km with fully compressed rear suspension to the border (it was really tough ride).
After the border, I had to ride 100km to the customs with the bike. I managed to do this by giving all my luggage to other bikes and guide´s car.
I wanted to save rear frame, so sat whole 100km on top of the gas tank… It was also quite hard ride.

Next morning I adjusted pretension, but it did not help.
By releasing rebound, rear suspension extended a bit. After dialing rebound completely off, rear suspension started working somehow (still not even close to normal, but now riding was easier).

So, looks like rebound got damaged during that hit.

I will now see how this suspension works and try to get to Pakistan, because I need to leave China on Monday.

Thursday and Friday has been mainly waiting so that our guide gets all paperwork done, so nothing to report from those days.

Today (Saturday), I washed and checked the bike through (rear end) for possible damage, but did not find anything else. I also cleaned the cardan (rubber protector had loosened at some point and some mud got inside the cardan tunnel).

Tomorrow we will continue more towards south.

I try to publish Kirgistan gallery tomorrow and hopefully also can publish bigger update asap with photos.

7 thoughts on “Suspension failure

  1. Olin shock must be a lot better than BMW shock, the Brazilians could not go on riding. However, Bangkok is still a long way from Pakistan.
    I had a glimpse of Pakistan from its border with China. It was certainly very impressive. The mountains were as high as what you see in Nepal.
    I got hit with a cold, and got diahorea a couple of times, which slowed me down, I just arrived at Tbilisi today. Got lost on my way here – went through Chechnya!

  2. Hi Andrew!

    Been contacting Öhlins and nearest service is in Bankok.
    Bike is rideable, shock feels quite much stiffer, but still works so that I can ride my bike.
    Hoping to get all the way to Bankok with it.

    Pakistan is really breathtaking place! Scenery is unimaginable.

    Where are you going on at the moment?


  3. Hi Sari,

    Nearest Öhlins service is in Bankok. So, hoping that I can get all the way there with my current shock.


  4. Thanks Valeriya!
    Today I have had rest day.
    As soon as I have decent network connection available, I will post new blog update

  5. Hi Hemuli,

    I met a Brazilian couple in Ulan Baataar. They also had a collapsed rear suspension in Mongolia – on a similar bike as your. They had to wait a number of days to get parts from Germany. So find a nice and cheap place to stay when you get to Pakistan. Good luck!

    Andrew (F800GS from Australia)

  6. Moi Marko,

    Good luck with the bike! Hopefully you’ll get it fixed soon.

    Take care.


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