7 thoughts on “Kazakhstanista Tajikistaniin Uzbekistanin kautta

  1. Hi Marko,

    Sad to hear that you needed rehydration salt, but good if it helped you to get well. Greetings from cold Finland, 15 degrees in south and today Lapland got first snow this autumn.
    Keep on riding and writing, it’s really interesting to read your stories.

    Take care

  2. Hi Marko, I always enjoy your posts. But you really should follow your rules :-)!!
    I would never give my bike away, even it is not that big and expensive as yours. Not even unpacked, which is much more easier to ride then. Be careful because once upon a time we all want to see you back here and in healthy condition.

  3. Moi Marko,

    I cannot believe either, that you gave your bike to some stranger! It doesn’t really sound like you 🙂 Keep on driving & follow you rules! :o) Enjoy!


  4. I noticed one fail in your bike…
    You don`t have a proper handlebar protectors, if your bike falls down, I hope that it wont break clutch- or brakehandle…