9 thoughts on “Kazakhstan, osa #2

  1. 🙂 I saw the pic of you and ”E” on the front screen of your BMW, too – but was of course too discreet to ask 😉

  2. Hi Joachim,

    Yes, adventure has just started.
    Thanks for the positive comments 🙂

    You are first person who commented this photo 🙂
    Are you going to rent or buy a scooter/bike from Vietnam? It is impossible to go to Vietnam with own vehicle, so renting/buying is only option.


  3. Pinning up a pic showing Miss E is hugging you is sooo cute!

    forgot to mention …..

    pinning up to the screen of the bike

    ….for those who want to check it out 😉


  4. Hi Miss ”E”
    hi Marco,

    when i look back to the early days of your trip and try to compare these with the adventurous Kazachstan period – waahhh! this part of your trip represents the highlight imo.

    Stunning pics as always – fresh style of flip-flop writing between the two of you – total fun to read!

    Pinning up a pic showing Miss E is hugging you is sooo cute!

    Miss E have a save trip back home – Marco don’t cry too much heading away alone round the world.

    all the best for both of you!


    just booked my ticket to vietnam – 1 month in 2013 march / april – travelling from north to the south – sometimes on a bike 🙂 unfortunately not on my own Africa Twin 🙁

  5. Great post again! I could almost imagine the sand and the hear, but luckily (?) no idea about riding in it. 🙂 I am also happy about Miss E, good that you were able to get all the bureaucracy done and had obviously one of most memorable trip ever! Hoping to see more posts from two shadows…some day later perhaps. Take care Marko and keep on living your dream!

  6. Seems the captions for the later photos are missing. Hopefully Marko is able to put them back tomorrow or Friday.