Time to decide which route to take

Greetings from Samarkand,

This is now third day in here. Yesterday I was suffering from diarrhea and felt quite weak, but now things start to be back in normal.
Been planning now how to go forward. Pamir highway in Tadjikistan is still closed due to fights, so this route is not possible at the moment.
I am trying to find out if other route to Kirgistan is open for foreigners (Road #A372), this route has been (at least previously) closed for foreigners.
If I take a risk and go to Tadjikistan without info of #372, I might get stuck over there. One way to continue is via Uzbekistan but I am not sure if I can get Uzbekistan transit visa before my five day Tadjikistan visa expires…
If this is still the case, then I will skip Tadjikistan completely and ride straight to Kirgistan and spend a bit more time over there.
I know that skipping Tadjikistan will hount at the back of my head for long time if I skip it, but…

Yesterday I met 70 year old Japanese woman in the hostel. She is travelling alone along the Silk Road and was planning to travel 8 months! She is my hero!

Kazakhstan update should be ready quite soon (have had major issues with network connection here)

5 thoughts on “Time to decide which route to take

  1. Hi Ilpo,

    Just got message that A372 has been opened for tourists because Pamir is closed.
    Still trying to verify it from other sources.


  2. Hi Elke,
    Yes, I am checking HUBB everytime it is possible 🙂
    Rule #2 and #3 are coming in future posts, after I catch up with my updates…
    U might want to check latest Kazakhstan part #1 -update


  3. Horizons Unlimited has info also on the road issues… Now which are the rules #2 and #3 that you broke – and for the nosy people like me – what about the second shadow???

  4. Just go to Tajikistan, extend your Tajikistan visa (fast & easy in Dushanbe) and apply new Uzbekistan visa while there. A372 is not open, has never been for tourists.

  5. Vaikka Tadjikistanin skippaaminen saattaisi harmittaa niin varmaan enemmän harmittais jos Tadjikistanin vuoksi pahimmillaan peruuntuis koko loppureissu tai edes jumittuisit sinne epämääräiseksi ajaksi. Se on kuitenkin vain yksi maa muiden joukossa, jossa nyt sattuu olemaan levottomuuksia.
    Täältä näppiksen takaa on helppo latoa viisauksia, mutta niin se vaan menee kuten eräs panttivankiksi joutunut kertoi että kaikki tuntui luonnolliseslta kunnes kaikki hetkessä muuttui epäluonnoliseksi ja jo muutaman päivän jälkeen, kyllästymisen myötä, vankeus tuntuikin luonnolliseslta joskin epäreilulta.. Rohketutta valintoihin ja onnea matkalle!

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