Quick update from Georgian Military Road

Quick update from close to Russian border:

Did not had time yesterday to update the blog because there was some issues with the blog page…
Left today from Azerbaijan and got robbed by a bastard who was wearing police uniform (he was police, but corrupted one…).
I also pissed off border guard in Aferbaijan border by passing hugely long queue of cars 🙂

Came here to the Military Road. Still unclear if I will stay here tomorrow or if I go to Russia tomorrow (I will know it at the morning).
If I stay here, I will do a looooong blog update for you to read. If not, then update will come when I have internet next time.

4 thoughts on “Quick update from Georgian Military Road

  1. Say hello to Borat if you see him in that glorious nation of Kazakhstan!

  2. Hi Joachim,

    Sounds like relaxing holiday 🙂
    Yeah, I think I will start seeing more problems with bribery in the future.
    Now, close to Kazahstan border waiting that my visa will start on Tuesday.
    Temperature today +42C

  3. Hi Marko,
    i am sorry – did not leave any reply the last 3 weeks due to my holidays in more civilised – less andventures country, the beautiful island of mallorca, where we rode the 1st time Harley Davidson 🙂 the V-Rod Special and Fat Boy instead my loved Africa Twin which i am used to ride since 15 years.

    That shit happened to you with that bastard police officer sounds embarrasing. Wish you good luck on your way. Now i am going to read all the entries.


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