Thoughts about Turkey

Wanted to wrap-up here my thoughts about Turkey:

Turkey is a huge country. Size-wise and also hospitality-wise.
I spent there almost 4 weeks and just barely scratched the surface.

I feel like Turkey has several countries in it; Black Sea coast, Mediterranean coast, high plains in central Turkey and mountain areas in north-east part. So, Turkey has something for everyone!
I am sure there is much more, but I did not cover those during this trip.
Turkey has long history, so for history fanatic there is also endless number sites to visit.

  • People: This was my first time in Turkey, but what really shocked me (positively), was hospitality of the people. I met only super nice people, no matter where I went.
  • Traffic: Istanbul traffic was quite chaotic, but when I got used to it, it was not so bad. Just ride the same way as locals. Other areas; not so much traffic, so I was able to enjoy the surroundings
  • Roads: Turkey has huge amount road constructions ongoing. You cannot avoid road constructions, because almost every road has construction ongoing. Few years from now Turkey roads are in excellent shape.
  • Fuel: Fuel is expensive. Gas-stations are everywhere and they alway have service, so you cannot refill your tank by yourself.
  • Security: I did not had any problems anywhere. I think biggest security risk is if you drive/ride and admire the beautifull surroundings too long time 🙂
  • Turkey has fantastic nature, one thing what bothered me was thrash next to the road (this is not only in Turkey, but many other countries also). Hopefully people will at some point realise the value of their nature and do not spoil it with plastic and other trash.

    Thank you Turkey and all the Turkish people I met during my trip. You really made this part of journey unforgettable and left feeling inside of me that I have to come back and see other places which I missed this time!

    Now I have visited in every european country and can start explorin new countries outside europe.

    4 thoughts on “Thoughts about Turkey

    1. Hey Hemuli

      Sounds really good from Turkey. Next time i will try to see more like you. I am still in Sochi atm, waiting for the parts to repair my bike. Maybe we will see us again 😉 wish you all the best and safe driving.


    2. Hi Marko, Excellent blog and wonderful photos! So interesting to read about the different places. All the best for next adventures and please continue writing this blog! Best Wishes, Piia

    3. Hi Sir, Looking forward for your future adventures and thoughts about the rest of the places you are going to visit. Your thoughts about Turkey is also very interesting to read as a Turk who has not traveled yet many places you already have been in the country:-)

    4. What a great blog, and the pictures are just stunning. Keep up the good work, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

      Greets from the Motherland 🙂


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