Today I crossed to Canada!

Today I got new country to my “visited countries”-list when I crossed the border to Canada.

Border crossing was fast and easy. Now I will stay few days in Vancouver area and on Saturday or Sunday I will start heading towards north where I will meet a fellow British biker.

New Sponsor – Cardo

I met Cardo people in Arizona bikeweek.
They were interested about my trip and decided to give me Scala Rider Qz free of charge!
Thank you Cardo for keeping me connected and entertained during my ride!

For those who do not know yet what kind of system this is:
Cardo has many different kind of bluetooth products which can be mounted to a (for example) motorcycle helmet. You can connect your mobile phone via bluetooth to your headset and this way you can be reached even while riding. As an additional bonus, you can listen music/radio and get your GPS voice guidance to your helmet.

I used to have their system back in Germany (in my Schuberth S1 fullface helmet) and can tell that it works even over 120km/h (I have been running conference calls while riding a motorcycle 😉 ).