New facebook updates will take some time

For some reason I cannot connect to facebook and several other pages here in Indonesia…
So, new updates are coming as soon as I can figure out the problem… I do not know yet if it is on my computer, or if it is banned over here…

Greetings from Flores, Indonesia.
Tomorrow I will go and try to see Komodo Dragons 🙂

Over 100 000 visits in 15 months!!!

WOW! This is amazing! Over 100 000 visits in less than 15 months!
What makes this even more amazing is that if a person visits 100 times a day in my page, it will be counted as only one visit!

Thank you boys and girls, men and women 🙂

I am working already with a next story from Malaysia, so stories will keep on coming (sorry that they come so late).


Thailand last leg

02.03.2013 – 16.03.2013:

Thai border – Nan:

At the Thai border I filled one form and soon I was granted 2 weeks in Thailand (from the airport you can get 4 weeks).
Custom office was a bit further on top of one hill. I had prepared that this process will take a lot of time as in Bangkok, but I was totally wrong! Customs officer saw my carnet and stamped it without any questions! Whole process took around 1 minute!!! Continue reading