Ebay parts and doctor visit

All ebay parts are now here! Unfortunately I was not able to get all the big parts from ebay, which means that I need to buy them from Touratech, BMW and SR-racing. Good thing was that most of them I was able to find from ebay, because this way I saved roughly 70% of the costs! If I would have needed to buy all the parts new, then total cost would have been around ‚ā¨7000!!! Continue reading

Vietnam, part 3

Finally I got this one done! Writing with one hand is slooow ūüôā

18.‚Äď 24.02.2013

Vietnam border ‚Äď Vinh (Vietnam):

From Laos border I had to ride few kilometers to see first glimpse of Vietnam flag and border buildings. I felt really excited because I did not know what was waiting for me at the border.
I parked my bike in front of the waiting trucks and walked inside the immigration building. Continue reading