Greetings from Georgia ūüôā

On Thursday morning I left hotel around noon (seems to be quite normal time in my schedule if nothing bigger is planned for that date).
Nothing special happened in Turkey side, I had a plan to stop before the border and spent rest of my coins, but I reached border faster than was planned. Continue reading

Thoughts about Turkey

Wanted to wrap-up here my thoughts about Turkey:

Turkey is a huge country. Size-wise and also hospitality-wise.
I spent there almost 4 weeks and just barely scratched the surface.

I feel like Turkey has several countries in it; Black Sea coast, Mediterranean coast, high plains in central Turkey and mountain areas in north-east part. So, Turkey has something for everyone!
I am sure there is much more, but I did not cover those during this trip.
Turkey has long history, so for history fanatic there is also endless number sites to visit. Continue reading

Bayburt to Artvin

Evening from Artvin!

Today is my last day in Turkey. Thursday I will continue my journey to Georgia.
I will write separate post about my thoughts of Turkey.

After road #915 I spent night in Bayburt. Monday target was to ride back to the Black Sea shore and check few places which were circled on my map.

Road #925 climbed up over 2600m. Scenery was looking same as in alps, felt like I have never even left… Air was nice, clean and cool, so spent quite much time on top just sitting and enjoying the scenery. Continue reading

Sumela monastery and road #915

Ciao from Bayburt!

Saturday ride was nice on a mountainous landscape. Scenery varied from dry hills, damp valleays to unreal moon-like surface.
Quite soon after I left from the hotel I needed to stop. Big machinery was cleaning landslide, so I enjoyed a tea offered for me by the “flag guys”. How often have you had same situation, you need to stop due to some reason on a road and you are offered tea immediately? This is really amazing!!! Continue reading

Stone Road & Dark Canyon

Moro from Kemaliye!

On Thursday I left camping area quite early. Plan was to ride close to Stone Road and decide if I would ride it on a same day or wait till Friday.
Roughly 10km before Adiyaman I just had passed car and truck when I saw police waving at me… Obviously he wanted me to stop… Continue reading

Hot air balloon and Mount Nemrut

Greetings from Nemrut!

Woke up at 04:30 on Monday morning, ready to experience new mode of transportation, hot air balloon!
After stepping out, I was a bit worried if they will fly at all, because sky was cloudy and light drizzle was coming down.
In any case, balloon company picked me and other passengers up at the agreed time. Continue reading


Greetings from Cyprus!

Here is what has happened in past days:

Interesting thing happened when I started my bike in Pamukkale… My dear bike coughed cloud of blue smoke from her exhaust! This has never happened before, so no idea what caused it… She has only a bit over 193 thousand kilometers, so should not do this yet… Continue reading