Paperwork and vaccinations started

Less than 3 months to go to the point when I start my trip! Work will end in around 3 months – 1 week ūüôā

Vaccinations started 3 weeks ago. Still several shots to go… I do not even know all the vaccinations what I will receive, but I trust my doctor that these are really needed ūüôā
I have received thorough check-up and everything is ok, so healthwise i am ready to go…

Some paperwork has started.

  • Visa processes are just starting, applying now 10 visas (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgistan, China, Pakistan and India). For these visas I am using professional service from Even I have to pay something for the service I thought it is better because getting all these visas will be pain in the a** ūüôā
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