Bike is back in one piece

Bike is back in one piece again! Only thing missing still is chrash bars and my new gps.
During this winterservice I changed new ceramic clutch, sent suspension for service and checked the whole bike through.
Whole service was done with the tools which I will carry with my on my RTW-trip. Only few tools were missing and now I have all the tools what I will need during the trip.
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This blog


Welcome to my blog-page! Purpose of this page is to bring you some thoughts, photos and videos from my round the world trip. Trip started 11th of June 2012 and ended May 2015. Short updates can also be found from my facebook page WhereIsHemuli NOTE: You do not need to have facebook account to read my posts there

More stories are coming to this page as soon as I have time to edit videos, photos and write stories.

Passports received & friends and relatives visited

Week 6 I spent in Finland, received 2 new passports and visited friends and relatives for the last time before the start of my trip.
Weather was cold, below -30C. Felt really cold because I have not visited Finland during winter in the past 7 years.
Hoping that I do not need to face as cold temperatures in next 7 years ūüôā

Shocks have been serviced, so should receive them next week. Will start putting bike back together next weekend.