Process to get bike from Sydney to Christchurch (airfreight)

My process to import bike (BMW R1200GS) from Sydney (Australia) to Christchurch (New Zealand) by airfreight (December 2013):

  • I contacted several airlines (Quantas, Emirates and Air New Zealand), all of them asked me to get in touch with freight forwarder (I got recommendation for two different companies: Matzen Cargo and DB Schenker.
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Ebay parts and doctor visit

All ebay parts are now here! Unfortunately I was not able to get all the big parts from ebay, which means that I need to buy them from Touratech, BMW and SR-racing. Good thing was that most of them I was able to find from ebay, because this way I saved roughly 70% of the costs! If I would have needed to buy all the parts new, then total cost would have been around €7000!!! Continue reading

Test ride

Thank you for the nice and positive feedback what I have received via comment field!

Got all my passports back now with all needed visas! Only thing what is missing anymore is Greencard (I have few of them but none have correct address) which I hopefully receive latest on Monday.
It is funny how busy these last weeks have been, even I started preparations months ago.

Been packing during the weekend and got almost all the stuff fitted in. I still need to do one repacking on Sunday and throw some clothes and other stuff away. Continue reading

Short status update

Few things have happened now after my last blog update:

– Problem with the throat – Have now taken antibiotics for 6 days and visited hospital yesterday (because swelling had not disappeared completely). Doctor in the hospital said “this is normal swelling which could happen at any time, so I can release you to your trip”… Excellent! So, there was no need to take those antibiotics and suffer upset stomache… Continue reading

Paperwork and vaccinations started

Less than 3 months to go to the point when I start my trip! Work will end in around 3 months – 1 week 🙂

Vaccinations started 3 weeks ago. Still several shots to go… I do not even know all the vaccinations what I will receive, but I trust my doctor that these are really needed 🙂
I have received thorough check-up and everything is ok, so healthwise i am ready to go…

Some paperwork has started.

  • Visa processes are just starting, applying now 10 visas (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgistan, China, Pakistan and India). For these visas I am using professional service from Even I have to pay something for the service I thought it is better because getting all these visas will be pain in the a** 🙂
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