What did I carry with me?

I have shown you my fully packed bike in numerous photos, now it is the time to check what I carried with me and comment how the stuff worked:

 Riding gear:

Riding gearHelmet: I used two helmets during the trip. The 1st one was Arai Tour-X3 and the 2nd one Arai Tour-X4. The 1st helmet got damaged during the accident in Indonesia, so I had to replace it. I love these helmets, good airflow and good “sun vizor” so that I managed without sunglasses. Continue reading

Some data from the trip

Here is some information from the trip:

  • Total number of days: 1055
  • Odometer total: 143470km
  • GPS total: 162947km (difference between GPS and odometer was surprisingly big!)
  • Countries: 52
  • Borders: 103
  • Fuel total: 6300l (1664 US Gal)
  • Fuel cost: €6000
  • Average fuel consumption: 5,30l/100km (44,4MPG)
  • Lowest fuel consumption: 3,95l/100km (59,5MPG)
  • Highest fuel consumption: 8,38l/100km (28,1MPG)
  • Average fuel price: 0,95€/l
  • Cheapest fuel price: 0,29€/l (Indonesia)
  • Highest fuel price: 1,98€/l (Turkey)





More information a bit later.