Malaysia part3

Finally I found enough time to get this story finalized…

15.04. – 05.05.2013

Germany – Kuala Lumpur:

I arrived to KL around noon. While I was waiting outside train to arrive, I realized how warm it was again. I am not freezing anymore :). Continue reading

Malaysia part2

16.03. – 22.03.2013

Malaysian border – George Town:

Immigration in Malaysian side was like a “walk in the park”, I did the whole immigration sitting on top of my bike!
Getting my carnet stamped took again a bit more time because I had to walk through another immigration and pass the x-ray place (do not know why it is hidden so well). After finding the correct place, getting a stamp was a piece of cake again. Officer was really polite and interested in the whereabouts of the lonely traveller. Continue reading

Quick update from Malaysia

Been now few days in Kuala Lumpur.
Today I left my bike to a Sunny Cycles, so that they will change new rear tyre and seat cover.
They also agreed to store bike for 3 weeks free of charge!

I am now at the airport and will fly to Germany for 3 weeks.
New updates should start popping to the page quite soon 🙂

I am also in a process to create facebook page (yes, I am finally giving up…) so that I can put these short updates there and proper stories and photos will still stay in the blog page. I will inform you later when facebook page is ready.