Quick update from Islamabad, Pakistan

Greetings from Islamabad!

Wow, that sounds quite exotic! But in any case, here I am.

1st: All photos are now in latest long story-page.

My plan was to leave Islamabad early tomorrow morning and head to Lahore, but now I am stuck over here because of the riots.
We had a plan to go to a movies today, but we were asked to stay in hotel, because it is safer (we do not have any facts that it would have been unsafe in movies). Continue reading

Short update from Pakistan

Greetings from some town 100km away from Islamabad.
Been riding yesterday and today together with John from UK.
Been slow riding today due to 6 police escorts.
Now staying in a hotel where 5 armed guards are giving protection to us.
Tomorrow I should reach Islamabad and then I will add rest of the photos to the previous blog update.