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Welcome to my blog-page! Purpose of this page is to bring you some thoughts, photos and videos from my round the world trip. Trip started 11th of June 2012 and ended May 2015. Short updates can also be found from my facebook page WhereIsHemuli NOTE: You do not need to have facebook account to read my posts there

More stories are coming to this page as soon as I have time to edit videos, photos and write stories.

What did I carry with me?

I have shown you my fully packed bike in numerous photos, now it is the time to check what I carried with me and comment how the stuff worked:

 Riding gear:

Riding gearHelmet: I used two helmets during the trip. The 1st one was Arai Tour-X3 and the 2nd one Arai Tour-X4. The 1st helmet got damaged during the accident in Indonesia, so I had to replace it. I love these helmets, good airflow and good “sun vizor” so that I managed without sunglasses. Continue reading

Some data from the trip

Here is some information from the trip:

  • Total number of days: 1055
  • Odometer total: 143470km
  • GPS total: 162947km (difference between GPS and odometer was surprisingly big!)
  • Countries: 52
  • Borders: 103
  • Fuel total: 6300l (1664 US Gal)
  • Fuel cost: €6000
  • Average fuel consumption: 5,30l/100km (44,4MPG)
  • Lowest fuel consumption: 3,95l/100km (59,5MPG)
  • Highest fuel consumption: 8,38l/100km (28,1MPG)
  • Average fuel price: 0,95€/l
  • Cheapest fuel price: 0,29€/l (Indonesia)
  • Highest fuel price: 1,98€/l (Turkey)





More information a bit later.

How to get all paper work done in Panama for Columbian ferry

You can get all things done in Colon, but here are instructions how to get it done in Panama City (reserve one day for this):

– First thing you need to do is to get your bike inspected. You can get it done in N 08°57.998’ W 79°32.697′. Go there in the morning at 8am (red door). They stop doing inspections at 11am. You need to have a copy of your passport, title and Panama customs form.

DIJ Inspection red door


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