About the trip

I love travelling with my bike. I have been dreaming about longer trip already for some years and now I got “once in a lifetime” chance to make my dream come true.

So, what is this trip all about? Plan/dream is to ride round the world (RTW) and visit every continent.

Target to start this trip is early June 2012, first visiting German HU-meeting and then to head towards east.

I do not have any schedule planned for the trip. If I find a nice place, I can stop there for days, weeks or even longer time. I can also stop and work somewhere just to get familiar with the place and people. Is this freedom? At least I think it is 🙂

Actually this thing hit me really at the end of January, soon I will be unemployed, homeless traveler…

This kind of trip is not for everyone, but everyone should do what they enjoy and dream of. Life is too short to wait and postpone your dreams. If I would not take this chance, I am sure at some point of my life I would regret that decision.

Guardian had interesting article about dreams and missed opportunities.

Here are few answers to most common questions I have been asked:

You do not have any friends because you travel alone?

This question I hear quite often 😀 I just reply to them that I enjoy travelling alone and this way it is easier to contact people around me.

What do you expect to be hardest on this trip?

At the moment I think hardest part for me is to say good bye for all the wonderful people over here in Ulm and in Finland. I am sure that I will face dark moments during the trip and these moments will raise the question of the sanity for this whole trip.. When it happens I just need to get over this kind of thoughts and remind myself why I started this whole thing in the first place.

Isn´t it dangerous?

Possibly, but so is also getting up from the bed each morning. If you are scared for unknown, then you will miss amazing things what life and world has in store for you.

What happens after the trip?

I do not know. I do not know how long I will travel. I do not know where I will end up after the trip. It is not time to start thinking this at the moment. I am sure that during the trip I will figure out what I want to do when I grow up 🙂

What happens to your stuff here in Germany?

Absolutely everything must go. I will leave just few spare parts for my bike but everything else will be sold or thrown away. For example: Almost all of my clothes will be donated to red cross (I will just carry few pieces of clothing with me).

What do you expect from the trip?

To meet amazing people from different cultures, taste different foods, see wonders of the nature and meet other fellow travelers. I am also sure that this will change me as a person and also widens my view of the countries and people.

How many of you will be travelling in the group?

Just me. I am sure that in some parts of the trip I will be travelling with different people aiming for the same direction. When you are travelling alone, then you need to make contact with local people.

What happens if you run in to a trouble, mechanical failure etc?

Correct question is: when. In a long trip like this I will face different problems and challenges. But I am sure that some way I can overcome these problems, these are just challenges that will make this trip a real adventure.

Where are you going to sleep?

I will carry tent with me, so I plan to do quite much camping. Also couch surfing and hostels are other options. In past years I have met amazing people and now I have few places around the world where I can meet these people again and spend some time with them.

How can you carry all the food and clothes in your bike, is there enough space for all this?

I will carry few days dry food with me, enough water and just couple sets of clothes. People around the world are also eating and wearing clothes, so I can buy food and new clothes when needed 🙂