Here is video of my face photos during the trip 🙂

Finally weather got better, so I did a short ride in northern Italy:

Video from the flash floods in Northern Chile:

Short teaser from Chile:

Malaysian part of my RTW:

Video of my Laos part ride:

Interview in Shreveport, Louisiana by KTBS-news station: – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports

Video of my north-Vietnam ride:

Video of my south-Vietnam scooter ride:

Video how I rebuilt my bike after the accident;

Short video from Bromo, Indonesia:

Riding in Cambodia:

Angkor Park video from Cambodia:

Rest of the Thailand trip:

Video from Bangkok part of the trip (mainly showing traffic):

One nice video from Jose and Pilar ( Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan:

Learning to fly in Nepal:

Few clips from the Indian part of the trip:

Few clips about my trip to Pakistan (videos I got from other riders):

Here is video from Turkey part of the trip:


21 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Hi Marko 🙂

    I saw you last night in Taman Kencana, Bogor. All your pictures and videos really inspire me. I hope you guys record the trip around Bogor. Really nice bike man, good luck for the trip. I will follow you. Take care mate.

    Regards from Indonesia


    • Hi Fay,

      Good to hear that pictures and videos give you inspiration 🙂
      Just having one rest day in Bogor and tomorrow will continue towards east again.
      Thank you, that bike is my baby and been carrying me all the way over here.


  2. Upeaa, osaat ottaa kaiken irti matkaltasi, muutakin kuin mp:llä surauttelun. Lentovideo oli mahtava ja hurjia olivat tietkin siellä jossain. Onnea matkallesi. Terveisiä Sawonmaalta, kurapyöräilijä & R1200Gs

  3. Hi Marko,
    greetings from good old Ulm 🙂
    I’m impressed about your pictures and videos, super!
    I nearly did not recognize you with such long hair (you soon look like a hippie – hahaha).
    Hope you are OK and still can enjoy your trip?
    All the best wishes from your “old” team!

    BR Roland

    • Hi Roland,

      Yes, hair is growing. Have not cut it since the start 🙂
      Everything is going fine and I am really enjoying the trip.
      Now I am on a small holiday from the trip in Phuket.
      Greetings to everyone in the team 🙂


  4. Wow, what a fantastic experience, it must be really rewarding feeling when you know fear was overcame! When watching the video I stopped breathing for few secs…:) Your courage has no limits…:)

  5. Pakollinen Hemuli sivun vilikaasu joka ruokatunnilla luurista..On mahtava kattella kuvia ja lukia juttuja ruokasavuilla kun sataa vettä ja on +3…Kurapyöräilijöören seikkaaluja on kiva seurata,varsinkin tälläästä.Koita pysyä sopivasti pois tieltä:)

  6. Heippa vaan ja terveiset täältä Kähtävältä. Täällä kauhusta kankeana katsotaan videoitasi, oot sinä hurja! Kaunista katseltavaa on riittänyt sivuillasi ja videot on mahtavia. Terveisiä meiltä kaikilta ja koitahan pysyä hengissä!

    • Morjens vaan Kähtävälle 🙂
      Vähän meinas jänskättää siinä hyppyalustan reunalla seistessä 🙂
      Terveisiä takaisin ja Joonakselle synttärionnittelut huomisen johdosta!


  7. I can feel the fear of yours before the Bungee jump, but the Canyon Swing is already a graceful jump, can totally see you wanna do it yet another time again 😉

  8. Pakistan video works with VPN!
    That’s how u guys passed the mountain paths!? looks really thrilling!! If i were there, i must have been screaming all the way… :p

  9. Hi Marko. Congratulations for the video, pictures and the trip itself. I admire you took the decision to begin this huge and awesome adventure. Thanks for your email and try to make more videos, pictures and explain your feelings. I will follow you.

    Good trip, good luck and best regards from Spain.


  10. Hallo, war schön Dich heute in Kemaliye kennen zu lernen und den Abend gemeinsam zu verbringen. Wünsche Dir morgen viel Spaß auf der “Taş Yolu”. Hier noch der Link zur Motorradkaravane:

    Genieß die Zeit und jeden einzelnen Kilometer.
    Grüß Alexander

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