I have not looked any sponsors for this trip, but I would still like to share my thanks for the people who have had something to do with the planning of the trip or just been great support during the planning process.

  • Huge thanks to Dan from Kyle Racing for really good service and good deal of new rear Öhlins shock! I can highly recommend Kyle Racing, they seem to have excellent knowledge and customer service is excellent!
  • Big thanks to Dave from Central Otago Motorcycle Hire for giving me a place to sleep!
  • Thank you to Matzen Cargo in Sydney to handling my motorcycle transport to NZ with fast and professional way!
  • Million thanks to Andrew (and his family) in Melbourne for towin my bike to the shop and giving me a place to stay in Melbourne!!!
  • Thank you “podge NT” (Adv rider nick) for a good front tire! This tire will still see a lot of Australian roads 🙂
  • Thank you Hotel La Hasienda in Kupang, Indonesia for all the hospitality what I got there!
  • Thank you Grattianno from Motorrad Corner in Jakarta, Indonesia for giving me a room and excellent support while I was repairing my bike over there!
  • Thank you Yudi in Surabaya, Indonesia for all the help that I got from you after my accident!
  • Thank you Dr. Erwin in Surabaya, Indonesia for fixing my hand and letting me stay in your beautifull home after the hand operation!
  • Thank you Sunny from Sunny Cycle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for letting me to leave my bike there for few weeks!
  • Thank you Dirt Shop in Bangkok, Thailand for servicing my bike´s suspension on a same day!
  • Tarrasherif: Tarrasherif sponsored stickers for my helmet and panniers. Thank you Ismo for the great support!
  • I want to thank my friends Frank and Ildigo for allowing me to move my address to their home. This way I will have address in Germany also in the future, which is essential for all the insurances and other important paperwork
  • I want to thank well known Finnish mobile phone company for giving me stable work place for the past years and also for giving me possibility to see the world and to meet really awesome people from all around the world.
  • I want to thank my excellent ex boss Gernot, who has been really understanding and supportive with my plannings.
  • I want to thank my co-workers in well known Finnish mobile phone company for all the support in past years.
  • I want to thank all my friends and relatives for the encouragement, even there has been/is a bit fear in the background.