I will be riding my trusty 2005 BMW R1200GS, which I bought at the end of 2005. Now I have 180 000km on it and it is still running great.

I have been building this bike past years by replacing stock parts with better quality parts. Best modifications have been Touratech seat, Öhlins suspension, Adventure tank and SR-Racing exhaust.

Luggage for the trip is going to be Touratech Zega Pro-panniers, couple dry sacks and tank bag.

Bike itself is ready for the trip. I do not need to do any changes for the bike, just to replace normal wearing parts before the trip.

  • Touratech clutch has been replaced
  • Front and rear brake disks have been replaced
  • Front and rear brake pads have been replaced
  • Center stand bolts have been replaced (one bolt was already broken)
  • Bearings in the front rim have been replaced
  • Kardan has been replaced