Quick update from Tasucu, Turkey

Seems like other SPOT-users have issues with their devices, so it is not only my device.
GlobalStar (satellite provider) has some issues with their satellites, so this is main issue for the cutoffs.

In any case, now I am in Tasucu, Turkey waiting for my ferry to Cyprus.
Alanya does not have ferry service, only speedboat / katamaran service (will not take vehicles).

So, tomorrow I am going to be in Cyprus. Better update of the past days hopefully tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Quick update from Tasucu, Turkey

  1. Moro! Lähden tänään kotiin päin laivalla täältä Haifasta. Se poikkeaa Kyproksella ehkä huomisiltana, tarkkaa aikaa en vielä tiedä. Tuletko morjestamaan? Voit samalla saada hyviä vinkkejä siitä, miten Egyptiin EI pääse. ;))

  2. It has been around 34 and more over here.
    So it is quite heavy to ride in such a hot conditions, but I can manage 🙂

  3. Were U planning to see ghost town of Famagusta in Cypros?
    Take care! Following U

  4. Hey sir, yesterday, you have had long long kilometers almost non-stop. Is not it excessive at hot weather conditions? I guess you have around 30 degrees over there?

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