Rest day

Today has been rest day for me, so no riding 🙂
Planned to climb up to the Pamukkale hill early this morning to see the sunrise, but unfortunale gate was not open.
Got up to the top finally around eight.
View was gorgeous, white color is really amazing in the middle of this dry landscape!

I guess it has been a bit dry over here, because most of the pools were dry. Must be really awesome sight when all the pools are full of water…
Morning is the best time to climb up, because during the day temperature is too hot (at least for me).

It is almost like an oasis on top of the hill, green grass, palm trees, flowers etc.

Also ancient city Hierapolis can be found from here.
I walked quite much around shooting some photos.

Around eleven I had my breakfast and since then I have been putting my time to fix photos in this blog and doing laundry.

Tomorrow morning I will continue my journey again 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rest day

  1. Moro! Harmi kun en ollut paikan päällä läksiäisten aikaan. Hyvää reissua! Hieman kateeksi käy 🙂

  2. Gorgeous pics! Thank you. btw. again for your Rukka clothes – enjoyed today 🙂
    cheerio Joachim

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