Troy and Pamukkale

Greetings from Pamukkale, Turkey!
Short update for what has happened in past 3 days:

Left early in the morning from Istanbul. Took fast ferry from Istanbul to Bandirma. Funny thing happened already in the ticket counter; Clerk at the counter said to me that 07:00 ferry is full and next option is 08:30 ferry. I told him that it is ok, got tickets and noticed that they were to 07:00 ferry! Bike fit in, altough ferry was really full…
Slept whole 2 hours (time it takes to get to Bandirma).

Plan was to visit Troy, which is (I guess) familiar to everyone due to story of the Trojan horse.
Ride to Troy was boring, nothing to see in between the cities. There seemed to be quite much road constructions ongoing, so I decided to take a shortcut (which ended up to be longer and also had road constructions ongoing…)

Got to Troy quite early, which was good to avoid afternoon heat.
Spent few hours to go through the ruins and had long chat with bus drivers 🙂
One of them had been also driving bus in Finland 🙂

From Troy I headed south towards Assos. Saw some ruins, but passed them because there was interesting looking road going down to the shore.
For my surprise, there was nice looking small village next to the shore, so decided to spent my night over there.

Next morning started quite late, so plan was to ride to Efes/Ephesus, which is south from Izmir.
Day was really hot, wind did not cool me down at all, so I needed to use old trick and pour water inside my jacket. This trick works always 🙂
Stopped at the gates of Efes, but decided that it was too hot to go in and check the ruins, so instead of this I went to the camping area next to the shore.
Dipped myself to the Mediterranean sea (first swim during this trip) and fixed quick dinner.
At the evening armies of moscitoes started their attacks so, I was forced to retreat to my tent.

Today morning I got up early. My plan for today was to ride to Pamukkale. Forgot in the morning to stop at Efes (which I regret now after seeing the photos in wikipedia…).
Got to Pamukkale really early today and found ok hotel at good price (50 lira/night). This hotel (Sahin) has big roof terrace towards Pamukkale (excellent view).
This white stone structure is visible from far away, it just looks really “out of this world” against brown mountains!
Tried to visit top of the mountain today, but entrance fee was 20 lira and I had only 15 in my pocket, so will visit it tomorrow (Sunday).

Sunday will be rest day for me, so ride continues on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Troy and Pamukkale

  1. Hi Marko,
    Thank you so much for sharing this blog to all of us. It’s great to read and the pictures are fantastic. I’m looking so forward to all the stories yet to come 🙂
    Wish you all the best and be safe always! And have all the fun there is 😉


  2. Thank you for all your impressions and hot shots, Marko.
    Enjoy your rest on Sunday. Good Luck!
    Cheerio Joachim

  3. Probably your luck you didn’t visit Ephesus.
    Please don’t misunderstand me, it is and excellent site. I’ve been there twice.
    But there are no shadows (no roofs or tree canopies), which means on a sunny day it can be kind of hot.
    And more importantly, the only(!) exit is on the other side of the city. The second means you must leave your bike near the entry, and after the visit you search you way back to the entry, using local roads. It makes several kilometers extra walk (I think it was around 5 km). It’s no problem if you are there with a tourist bus, and the driver stays out of the site (i.e. drives the bus to the exit).
    But if the driver enters the site, it might be the only thing you’d remember of the day is the walk back to the bike, on a hot sunny landscape.

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