So, now I am in huge Istanbul! Population in Istanbul is around 13-14 million inhabitants!!! Just for comparison, in Finland we have around 5,5 million inhabitants…

People in Istanbul were really nice and friendly. I do not know how many hads I shaked, but they were many 🙂 I was also invited for a tea quite many times!

I did not had any special plans for Istanbul, of course I wanted to see the Blue mosque and go a bit around in the city. I decided to use my bike, this way I could go when ever I want, where ever I want 🙂

During Tuesday I visited Blue Mosque and just sat there looking passing people and guys trying to sell all sort of things to them.
One guy wanted to sell me carpets and he took me to the roof of his building so that I could take photos of the Blue Mosque. Then he started his sale speach… After I told him I do not have apartment, no home and no space for carpet, his interest dropped and he started hunting other potential customers 🙂

I also met some Polish bikers next to the Mosque and had nice chat with them.

At some point I got bored for all this hassle and decided to go and search GlobalStar-office to check if my Spot problems are due to their satellite issues. Even after several attemps, my GPS did not find their address, I gave up and decided to go for a ride to Black Sea. Followed Bosborus quite far and enjoyed the scenery.

I expected something more in the area where Bosborus and Black Sea meet, but there was only one light house…
A bit south from there I had excellent fish for lunch. Tried and tried to get my bike to the ferry to european side, but ferries were only for people 🙁

I spent really nice evening in Istambul bicycle and motorcycle -club premises chatting with several people. I cannot find words to describe the kindness and hospitality of the club people!
Million thanks to everyone for the nice discussions, dinner, tea, beer and good ideas what to see in Turkey!!!
If you come to Turkey, remember to visit their club.
In a club I also met Matt from UK. He was working on with his Iranian visa. Really nice guy who was on his way to Malaysia.

On Wednesday, my last full day in Istanbul, I slept really late. Had no real plans for the day, some sightseeing and dinner late in the evening.
I visited Suleymaniye mosque and again tried to find GlobalStar office (without success).
Had wonderful dinner together with Omer and his friend. Place was marina in the asian side of the city. Coastal road overe there was gorgeous with palm trees and everything!
Thank you both for nice dinner in Istanbul!

After the dinner I had super ride back to the Dogan´s place. Rode from asian side to european side and crossed Bosborus via bridge #1. Istanbul looked really beautifull after dark. Lights everywhere, unfortunately didn´t take any photos from the ride, but excellent closure for the Istanbul part of the journey.

Thank you again Dogan for giving me a place to sleep for 3 nights!

Istanbul is definitely a place worth to visit. Lively, huge place with really friendly people!

Traffic is Istanbul is quite chaotic… As a biker, first thing what you need to do is to grow another pair of eyes to the back of your head… Cars are passing you from left and right. They do not give any space to you, so need to be very very carefull there.
Luckily I have had good practise in Italy, so traffic was not such a big shock for me, but still I was surprised how careless these drivers are! Speedlimits are just a signpost next to the road…

I have noticed that I am starting to forget which day it is 🙂 This is good sign!
No problems during the journey so far. Everything has worked without a problem. Only thing what has happened is that I have forgot my soap already 2 times… Tomorrow I need to buy new soap, again…

On Thursday morning my journey will continue to asian side and towards Troy, but this is then another story.

4 thoughts on “Istanbul

  1. Hey Marko!
    Sound you having loads of wonderful moments and fun 😀

  2. Hi Nick,

    No, did not enjoy fish under the bridge, but had excellent lunch north from istanbul. Sea Bass or something similar.


  3. Moi Marko.

    Got link to your blog from Jussi V. and this is really something admirable to ready.
    My hat is off to you and your journey 😀

    Keep the rubber side down and enjoy the ride.

  4. Hi Marko,
    Great to see you’re having a good time.
    Did you get to eat the fresh fish sandwich under the river bridge in Istanbul?
    Ride safe ish!

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