In Turkey

Today I arrived to Istanbul, Turkey!

Yesterday I found nice family owned hotel close to Turkish border.
I also found the camping area which was suggested by Swiss Rider, but could not stay there because I needed to finalize finnish version of the blog… 🙂

For dinner I had some meat and beer 🙂 Meat was surprice, because I did not understand the menu and waiter did not speak english 🙂 So, I just pointed something in the menu and hoped that it would be good. Well, it was and beer was cold 🙂

This morning I crossed to Turkey via small border in Aziziye (filled gastank in Bulgaria, because fuel over there is much cheaper than in Turkey). Totally border crossing took around 30 minutes. People were really friendly at the border, so it was really a nice process.

Just a note: Turkish motorways have toll gates. You cannot pay with cash or credit card, you need to have special prepay card to pass through the gates. Well, I did not had it and I was able to get through two different gates 🙂
You can buy it at least from few Shell gas-stations in Istanbul (no, I do not know where else) when you ask “KGS kart, Otoban gishe”.
I was also told that with foreign (not Turkish) licesenseplate, you can basicly just pass the gates…

Thanks Tufan and Dogan for arranging me a place to sleep for few nights in Istanbul! 🙂

I will stay now in Istanbul for 2-3 days.

As a last comment:
In Bulgaria, Black Sea coast is mainly populated by tourist attractions and tourist centers… People were really really nice everywhere where I stopped. Unfortunately I missed real Bulgaria due to my route selection, but some day I want to see Bulgaria better 🙂

10 thoughts on “In Turkey

  1. Hi Marko,

    Maybe on your way back you will be able to visit Bulgaria’s mountain cities.
    There you will find the spirit you talked about 🙂

    Many greetings,

    • Hi Valeriya,

      For sure I need to go back to Bulgaria at some point. I just scratched the surface and want to see and experience more!


  2. Moi Marko,
    Hurjalta kuulostaa, mutta varmasti mieletön kokemus. Elää pitää ja täysillä – siitä on hyvä lähteä !

    Kaikkea hyvää !

    t. Katariina (edelleen Dallas/Texas)

  3. Moi Marko,

    Hienoa että olet edennyt mukavasti. Toivottavasti selkäsi on parantunut. Sun kannattaa harkita pientä vatsalihas ja venytys hetkeä aamuin tai illoin, niin saat siitä rutiinin josta ei tee mieli poiketa. Itse olen treenannut joka arkiaamu ennen töitä 20-30min vuodesta 1997 lähtien. Ei se kaikkeen auta, mutta helpottaa oloa ja vahvistaa pikkuhiljaa tärkeitä lihaksia.

    Ulmista terveiset ja turvallista matkaa

  4. Moi Marko,

    Enjoy of the Istanbul! It is really huge place 🙂

    You have been driving exactly the same roads than we did on February. You also went to Sultan Ahmet, where our hotel was located 😀
    I also heard, that it would be worth of taking some of those boats as well.

    Take care.


  5. I can track that you already have been many points around of the city of Istanbul…But, don´t even think that you can manage to see everything in a few days in that giant city.:-):D

    • Hi Marko,
      what a pity you missed the “real Bulgaria”! Guess why I`m going there so often…..once again in a few weeks :-))
      However you will see a lot more nice areas of our globe – I´m always following your blog with a huge pleasure!! Keep on with the good mood 🙂

      (I´m very curious how you will like Georgia!! One of my nicest suprises among my motorbike-travels…)

      Andreas (Fetzi)

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