Few issues

I have had now couple of issues, Spot messenger seems to have problem and I hurt my back on a boat trip. More of these later…

In Brasov I noticed that my Spot messenger did not track my progress correctly, so I changed new batteries to it. Still, seemed like it did not get connection to the satellite… Well, there was nothing I could do for it right now, so ride continued.

A bit north from Brasov I took road number 10 towards east. To my big surprise asfalt was close to perfect and road had really nice curves! Highly recommend this road.
On this road I met also really nice swiss guy (Gian-Carlo) who was coming from Greece and was heading towards Mongolia with his BMW F650GS (http://www.motorrad-weltreise.ch). We stopped for a coke and chatted around 1 hour about the kits and our plans.

I continued towards east and Black Sea. Weather just got hotter and hotter, so I decided to ease my suffering by wetting my buff around my neck. This helped and I I was able to smile again 🙂

Nothing to report until Braila, where I refilled my tank and the cashier behind the counter wished me “good and safe journey” in english! North from Braila I had to take ferry to cross Donau. Needless to say that I was swetting like a pig while waiting ferry to be filled with cars and people…

While riding towards Tulcea I noticed that air started to get a bit more humid and it started to smell like wetlands.
In Tulcea I stopped to buy groceries for my camping night, nothing special, just something that could been boiled quickly.
I decided to head to Murighiol, mainly because Garmin showed there to be a camping site.
Roads were in really good shape also in here, actually much better shape than in western Romania.

Murighiol was small village and I did not had any problems to find campground. Pitched my tent next to german and austrian camps.
It was really, really hot while I pitched my tent… I realised why people in hot climate work in slow motion, you will not sweat so much if you move slower.
Cold shower felt extremely nice after my camp was up 🙂

I have lived so many years outside of Finland that I had already forgotten how annoying creatures those small bloodsucking insects really are… I had to walk circles while eating my dinner because otherwice my hands would have waved around trying to force those creatures further away from me…

In any case I was able to finish my dinner and got ready to count some sheeps (I mean getting ready to start to sleep :)). Only issue was that air inside the tent was hot and I did not dare to open tent more due to insects. So heat is smaller bad for me than those insects inside my tent… Luckily air got cooler during the night and I was able to get decent sleep.

Next morning I asked camping ground owner if they knew where I could find boat trip around the Donau Delta. Owner had his own boat, so this was easy to organize. We agreed to meet at 10 to start 3 hour boat trip. It was quite expensive because I was only customer, but I thought it would be worth the money ( I am not here so often…).

While waiting our departure, I prepared my camp a bit for easy departure after the boat trip.
I was prepared for the trip by few liters of water, my cameras and zoom lense.
I think our trip was actually close to 4 hours, but it was worth of every penny. Donau Delta is really nice wetland area and you can see it only from boat. Highly recommended! Thanks Tatiana for saying that this is one thing which I must do in Romania 🙂

Boat hit few times a decent size wave and gave quite hard hit to my back. I remember thinking that “let´s see if I have stiff neck tonight”, but actually my back got cramps and started hurting quite much (later in the evening).

I decided to ride only a short day, because my departure was so late (and weather was so hot).
I found ok pension from Efore. It was cheap, but there was also internet available. What was most important was aircondition in the room 🙂
Well, noticed that their internet did not work, so could not update my blog. Bedsheets were rough like a sandpaper, but room was cool 🙂
Did some laundry and just sorted photos from Donau Delta.

Next morning I decided to use wet underwear under my riding suit. This really worked well and even temperature was quite high, I did not feel uncomfortable.

Romania – Bulgaria border crossing was really easy, just passport and bike papers were asked. Whole process took only around 1 minute!
Just arrived to the country where I have never been before! Alphabets also changed to cyrillic.

My plan was to follow road #9 to south and stop somewhere at some point.
Road surface was in quite good shape, only one few kilometer long gravel part (due to road construction).

Unfortunately I can see only Black Sea shore -part of Bulgaria, because at this moment I do not have good feeling about Bulgaria…
People are really nice and polite (as in all the countries I have been), but my problem are the towns…
Towns are really holiday resorts from hell. Huge hotels, lot of tourists, busy, crowded, noisy… etc, I think you got the point.
Seems like impossible to find small hotel (family owned) next to the shore, like in Italy.
Of course, tourism is huge income in this area, I am just not their potential customer…
As a note: I have only travelled now around 60km in Bulgaria, so my opinion might still change 🙂

My back is hurting quite much, but I am still able walk and ride 🙂

At the moment I am in Varna, will continue from here to southern Bulgaria. I will try to find one camping area which was recommended by Swiss rider in Romania.

9 thoughts on “Few issues

  1. hey hemuli! it’s really funny to read your blog and the pictures are great! 😀 thank you very much! I’ll follow everytime i can. All the best for your further traveling and take care. best greetings gian-carlo

  2. you are always welcome at the club..currently Matt is here on the way to malezia from UK. We were together at Bursa enduro festival and within 2-3 days 4 more RTW.bikers will be here.Tomorrow morning (9-10 am)he will be at Iran consulate close to Sultanahmet and you can meet to come to the club by metro if you like..

    Or club address and coordinats are.
    Location Veliefendi Mh. 75/2 Sk., 7-A ZEYTİNBURNU-İSTANBUL(FOR GARMIN-Veliefendi Sk.7) TURKEY, Istanbul, Turkey
    COORDINATES.(Decimer LAT.40.99593– LON.28.89917)-
    Personally ı am at the club after middays until late evenings..
    My personal face page is

  3. It was my pleasure to make a small suggestion…
    So, it seems that you survived the vampires, sheeps and mosquitos in RO…Well, from now on counting sheeps will not make you fall asleep anymore, I guess it will cause just the opposite…:)
    Still, I hope you enjoyed the sites, even though fortunately or unfortunately most of them are not wrapped in some nice marketing story. But you have the right eye for beauty of nature and simplicity.

    Turvallista matkaa 🙂

  4. Hi Marko,
    Suggest you find some where to stop and rest the back, if you have the time, nothing worse the back problems!!
    You mean to say your super expensive tent didn’t come with air con!!!!
    Have fun.

  5. Hello,
    Take it easy with your back, you have a long way to go 🙂
    What do you think about the companero suit now, that you’ve used it a while?
    Still hot with bionic jacket?
    I was planning to update my rukka, but then I saw your story and now I don’t know…

    Anyway a lot of respect to your journey and it’s nice we can share your thoughts out there… nice pics by the way, not random shots.

    • Hi Jouko,

      I have now around 15000km experience with Companero.
      For hot climate, I think Companero was absolutely correct decision, any other suit with goretex will not work even closely as well.
      It comes with own protectors, but I removed them and use Bionic jacket.
      Actually Companero is 2 suits. When you have top layer on, it is also really warm suite.
      Here is good video about the suite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L620UNHRjGg

      One thing what I am not happy with is it´s rain cover for the neck. It tends to lift up when riding.

    • Hallo Joachim,

      Vielen Dank! Mein Rücken fühlt sich jetzt ein bisschen besser. Ich hoffe, dass es morgen wieder normal ist.


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