Today´s target was to cross Transfagarasan and continue further towards east.

Morning was already really hot and I was sweating like a pig while packing my bike. This was a clear indication of the coming hot day… Luckily I would get some relief from the heat by climbing up to the Transfagarasan.
Took smaller roads from the motel and the road surface was totally different compared to the previous days. Maximum speed was around 60km/h because pavement had deep potholes.

Southside of the Transfagarasan road was actually in better shape than I remembered, or it has been fixed since my last visit here. So this was a nice surprice for the morning. Of course, I could not enjoy the road properly with my heavily loaded bike. Stopped first time at the dam (where top gear guys were sleeping in their episode ( video of the Transfagarasan starts around 6min 20sec).

Familiar guy was looking at me from the top of the dam 🙂
While road was climbing higher and higher, also temperature lowered to a nice level. Road was almost empty, so enjoyed it without any hurry anywhere. Even it is late June now, snow was blocking one lane in several places on the southside! This was surprice for me, because I thought most of the snow would have melted by now.

On top of the pass, I had short break to take some photos and read map. Changed few words with the german bikers and tried to find Transfagarasan sticker (did not find any). Seems like now there is also camping area on top of the Transfagarasan road, so this would be really comfortable temperature to camp (too hot to camp down in the valley).

North side of the road is more famous and mainly this area was filmed in the Top Gear episode. View from the top is nice and you can clearly see road and all the curves. Unfortunately road surface is not so good on the northside, so (at least with the bikes) this is not so enjoyable (if you intend to enjoy it properly).

Remember to be carefull on this road, because you never know what is behind each corner. This time it was sheepherd (again :))… so adjust your speed so that you can stop if needed. Few occasions one lane was blocked due to fallen rocks.

Down in the valley I really started to feel the heat (soon I need to get rid of my long underwear ;)), so I stopped several times to have a drink. After reaching Brasov, I decided to stop here for a night (tracker shows that I have stopped in Fagarasan… so need to check if battery is dying). I asked from the hotel reception what has been the temperature today and their answer was 37C… No wonder air felt quite hot.

Tomorrow will be longer day, because I try to get as close to the black see as possible. Hopefully it is a bit cooler tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Transfagarasan

  1. Vihje: WordPressiä en tunne, mutta esimerkiksi “Sheepherd / Lammaslauma” kuvassa on title (= kuvan nimi) sekä pikkukuvalle että isolle kuvalle ja kuvan JÄLKEEN minulla ei näy ihmemerkkejä. Osassa title alkaa “img scr” polulla (“lainausmerkki” ja “on pienempi kuin” -merkki) . Jätätkö jonkun kuvan nimikentän (title) tyhjäksi ja WordPress ei siitä tykkää?

    Hienot sivut, mahtavat kuvat ja vielä mahtavampi reissu. Kateeksi käy…

  2. Thanks for the comment and happy Midsummer festival to you all!
    To Janne, actually I will have midsummer sauna today 🙂

    Seems like my Spot is causing some problems, but I will write more about this in today´s blog.

  3. Moi Marko,

    it is really nice to follow your trip from the sofa at home.:) The pics are stunning! Watch out sheeps – they seem to be THE animals of your trip. Drive safely and enjoy your amazing journey! Tatu sends his “väy” to you.

  4. Happy Midsummer Eve from Finland ! Today we celebrate Midnight Sun and longest day of the year in Scandinavia. i’m afraid in Romania they don’t know anything about midnight sun, but however I’ll take one extra beer for your trip tonight.


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