Left from Sibiu after the breakfast. Target was to have short day and camp somewhere up in the Carpathian mountains.
Lonely traveller seem to have same problem in here as in central europe, it is really hard to find small quantities of food (small amount minced meat, only few eggs etc…). In any case, got all what I needed and then I headed towards Transalpina-road.

Norhern part of the road runs in a valley and is in really good shape (few short construction areas, but otherwise roadsurface is brand new). Slowly road started to climb up to the mountains and I got relief from the heat.
After getting higher up to the mountains, I started wondering where to camp. Saw Slovenian couple next to their car and stopped to ask if they have any information if it´s possible to do wildcamping (there was signs which said camping is not allowed in park area). They had same idea in mind, but did not know any better.

I stopped to the rest area in the highest point of the road (at least I think it was highest point) and saw tracks leading on top of the hill. I asked local motorist if it´s allowed to camp there and his answer was “yes, yes, just go and camp there”…
So, decision was done. Now I just needed to get my bike up there. Trail was small and quite steep. Couple times I was wondering if I can get my heavy bike over there, but at the end, it was quite easy climb.

Area was perfect for camping, flat hill top, grass and beautiful scenery. Got my camp up, walked around a bit and had nice dinner.
I was quite surprised when I checked the altitude from my gps. It showed that my camp was at 2170m from the sealevel!
I was waiting sunset and hoping that it would be nice and red. After few hours of waiting air started to get cooler when sun got lower and lower. Finally my waiting was rewarded with nice red sunset!

After sunset it was also my time to crawl to my sleeping bag. I was expecting night to be cold, because my camping place was quite windy and there was still snow on the mountains. Well, it might have been cold night, but I slept like a baby. Even vampires left me alone (did not carry any garlic :)).

Woke up first time when it started to get too warm in the sleeping bag (sun was up and warming up my tent). 2nd time I woke-up for the sound which sounded like cow-bell, but it did not match because I heard something which sounded like sheeps! Peeked outside from the tent and saw lot of sheeps around my tent! 🙂 Quickly got up, grabbed my camera and got few photos. Sheep shepherd came to me and (for my huge surprise) asked me “do you speak english?” 🙂

We had nice discussion with him but it was stopped by his dog… Dog came, sniffed my tent and then decided to pee on it! 🙂 I think shepherd was a bit ashamed and left quite soon after this. It was nice to meet this guy, totally unexpected how good english he spoke!
After doing nothing for some hours, I decided to continue my journey a bit and started packing my camp.
Soon after there was older Italian or Romanian couple (not sure which one it was, but they asked if I speak italian) coming towards me. We did not understood eachothers, but I tried to describe to them what I was doing. After woman heard I was travelling solo, she pointed towards sky and said she will say some prayers for me. Just before they left, they had to take photos of me and my bike 🙂
Nice to meet people even I do not understand what they are saying (most of the time).

Southside of Transalpina is also really good shape. Looks like they are building lot of holiday resorts in this area.
After 100km or so, I stopped for a very late lunch to a motel. Decided to stay over night here and update my blog 🙂
Tomorrow I will head to Transfagarasan.

9 thoughts on “Transalpina

  1. Kanssa käymisessä vain murto osa on puhetta. Kyllä me vaan silti toisiamme ymmärretään, ihmisiä kun ollaan=) Todella hyvää matkaa sulle Marko

  2. Tosta kun sanoit ettet ymmärrä mitä ne sano. Ymmärsithän sinä=) Puhetta kommunikaatiosta on vain hitunen. Toivon ja uskon että pärjäät puhumalla reissussa vaikket osais sanaakaa. Hymyillään kun tavataan ja turvallista matkaa.

  3. You made my day: waking up in the mountains by sheep which have surrounded the tent :-). Hilarious!

    The photos are absolutely great! Could turn out to be profitable as stock photos. You could also sell number 4 directly to BMW?!

  4. Hi Marko,

    When I see your amazing pics and read your nice comments I have the feeling that I am there…And then I do not miss home so much.
    Actually, Transalpina is the `older sister`of Transfagarasan. They are both beautiful,only the latter is generally more known to travellers.
    Origins of Transalpina are not really known, some say it was built by the roman legions during the war with local dacians.
    Transfagarasan was built by dictator Ceausescu who wanted to have a strategic road over the Carpathian Mountains ( due to military reasons, Soviet Union was close and active).
    Nice fauna there, please excuse the local dog, maybe he was too excited to get to know you and he couldn`t contain himself…:) Or maybe he wanted to make a difference in his miserable dog life and mark a tent that started a RTW trip…:)

    Enjoy the next sites!

  5. Hi Marko,

    some days after your trip start and after the latest company news I’d like to share some thoughts with you.
    – Every day since you left, you and your Sisu has been in my mind.
    – I admire very much what you do
    – Your timing was perfect 🙂
    – Initially I missed you as one of my favored professional colleague – now this is obsolete anyhow 🙁
    – great blog !
    – I’m exited to know this crazy guy personally which once will be famous for his trip.

    all the best

  6. Hi Marko,
    wow! what stunning pics – thank you for sharing these with all of us. You are in desparate need of Garlic for shure 😉 even the dogs are vampires – hihihihi
    Have fun on Transfagarasan – well known as one of the nicest roads on the world.

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