In Romania

Nothing special in the past 3 days, well already changed my route plan, but I think this will happen quite often 🙂
My plan was to pass Budapest and head towards northern Romania, but I got bored for the motorway, so decided to cut through Hungary really quickly and ride towards central Romania and Carpathian mountains.

Arrived to the hotel quite late, after the sunset. Air got quite cool after sunset and I had to add outer layer to my riding suit. Because I was there quite late, no food was anymore available so my dinner was just a small bag of peanuts.

Saturday was short day. Plan was to ride to the next bigger city close to Transalpina, 7c-road, but decided to continue all the way to Sibiu. Got lucky with the Ibis hotel in Sibiu, because I got last room. To my surprise, there was RedBull Romaniacs, hard enduro race ongoing at the same time.

Sunday was a rest day. Well, got few kilometers under the belt, because I rode to two different special stages to see some enduro action. It was really amazing how steep hills these guys are able to climb with their bikes! I had really big difficulties even walk uphill and these guys were just storming by! Well, there was also big difference between pros and hobby riders…

Tomorrow I will head to and plan to camp up in the Carpathian mountains one or two nights (so no updates in next few days).

At the moment I have a bit over 2300km covered in this trip.

11 thoughts on “In Romania

  1. Jotain vikaa näissä blogin kommenteissa kun eivät ole suomeksi vaikka lang=fi asetus päällä.

    Mutta kiva seurata matkaa.

    • Moro Ville,

      Johtuu siitä että kommentit on kirjoitettu englanniksi.
      Mulla ei ole käytössä tällä hetkellä google translator mahdollisuutta.

      T: Hemuli

  2. Hey Buddy,
    Hope everything is goin’ fine with you..!!! So sorry that we couldnt meet each other on your last day. Nice to read about your tour proceedings…!!!
    Take care…

  3. Hi Marko, nice weather you have. I have once seen a Moto Cross Instructor doing unbelievable things with an old BMW R100 GS. I couldn’t even imagine to do this with a full cross KTM or else. Yeah these guys are impressive. Br

  4. Great to see that you are enjoying Romania part of the trip…:).
    Quite nice suprise this RedBull enduro race! This is just the beginning, but it depends how much time you have allocated.Just be very carefull on the roads, might get a bit problematic. As an antidote for vampires would be good to have some garlic with you…lady vampires in Romania are usually more dangerous…:)

  5. Great pics, Marko. So nice to follow you.
    Take care for the Vampires in Romania / Carpathian mountains.
    Let it flow 🙂

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