How to get all paper work done in Panama for Columbian ferry

You can get all things done in Colon, but here are instructions how to get it done in Panama City (reserve one day for this):

– First thing you need to do is to get your bike inspected. You can get it done in N 08°57.998’ W 79°32.697′. Go there in the morning at 8am (red door). They stop doing inspections at 11am. You need to have a copy of your passport, title and Panama customs form.

DIJ Inspection red door


– After inspection is done you need to wait till around 2pm, before you go to DIJ office in N 08°57.914’ W 79°32.720’. There you can pass long queue, give your driver´s license to the guy in the booth (he will give you a visitor pass), you just tell him “secretario general” or something similar :). Go in, give your passport to the front desk and wait. At some point someone will ask you to fill a form (you need to give copies of passport, title, customs form and drivers license) and then you wait some more… Finally, you will get a DIJ document. Without this document you cannot buy ferry ticket (from Ferry Xpress office in Panama and you are not allowed to board the ferry in Colon).
– Now you can ride to Ferry Xpress office in N 08°58.502’ W 79°31.040’. There you need to hand over copies of your passport, title, customs form, DIJ document, driver´s licence and Panama insurance paper (they can make copies there free of charge). Ferry ticket was $279 (with reclining seat). Cash payment only.

I stayed in Voyager International Hostel in N 08°57.230’ W 79°33.317’. It is cheap and close to DIJ.

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