Two years since the start!

Today it has been two years since the start of my journey!

Day 1. / 1. päiväDay 364 / 364. päiväDay 730. / Päivä 730.Year ago I was planning to celebrate my 1st year on a road in Bali, but things did not go as planned… That celebration was held in a german hospital.

This year, luckily things are different and I am celebrating my two year journey in Prince George, BC, Canada!

2 Years! / 2 Vuotta!

Past two years have been truly amazing! I have seen amazing places, met huge amount of wonderful people and truly enjoyed every moment of this journey.

Bike has worked well. Of course there has been some small issues, but that is truly understandable when you ride long distances on a demanding terrain and under heavy load.

My Touratech riding suit has worked perfectly. I cannot think better suit to use on this kind of trip. I have now third boots, third summer gloves (I have also new summer gloves for rainy days) and second helmet since the start. I have been surprised how little time these riding boots will hold up.

Big thanks to everyone who have helped me and greetings to everyone I have met during this trip!

PS: I know that I have fallen way too much behind with all my stories and videos, but they are coming (just need to stop long enough time to write and edit them)

8 thoughts on “Two years since the start!

  1. Hi Nick! Actually I am in California 🙂
    Things are going relatively smoothly (some small issues with the bike) and soon I will start my holiday :).
    I hoped to see more grizly bears in Canada, but was not so lucky (I think I saw only one next to the road). I think I was “too fast food” 😀 😀 😀

  2. Greetings from England Marko.
    Glad things are still going well.
    Now in Canada watch out for the bears when camping.
    They call motorcyclists, meals on wheels!!!!
    Regards, Nick.

  3. Moro Sari,
    Joo, uskomattomalta tuntuu että starttauksesta on jo yli kaksi vuotta! Aika on mennyt uskomattoman nopeasti!
    Muistan syödä ja nukkua 🙂

  4. Moi Marko,

    Uskomatonta että siitä on jo kaks vuotta, kun starttasit reissun! Mahtavia kuvia ja tarinoita oot kirjoitellut. Muista syodä ja nukkua! 🙂


  5. No joo 😀 .. oot aika vanhan näköinen tuon parran ja letin kanssa 😉

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