3 thoughts on “New Zealand, south island GPS-log available

  1. Hi Thomas,
    Yes, been here now few weeks.
    Next 6 months I will be riding US, Canada and Alaska.
    I will let you know when I am back there so we all can meet.


  2. Perkele Hemuli. It has been a long time since I checked your “where abouts”. Seems like you have made it now to the “land of the free”. Good luck. Keep on ridin’. Here in good ol’ Germany everything is same old. In case you get homesick, let me know and I will arrange a get-together.

    All the best. I will try to check more often. Thomas N.

  3. Hi, How’s it going?
    It is nice to hear that you keep travelling!!

    My wife used to live in Nelson, South Island New Zealand.
    It’s a good place to visit!!

    Have a good ride!!

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