Galleries updated

While waiting rain to stop I have updated photogalleries.
There are some new, some old photos now available for viewing under menu: Gallery – 2012.
More will come soon.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 8.11.32

9 thoughts on “Galleries updated

  1. Marko –
    It was great to meet you and hear about your great adventure – and see some of your pictures and videos. I wish you safe travels on the remaining year(s) of this trip around the world. Good luck! – from Shreveport

  2. Marko –
    It was nice to meet you , hear about your adventure and see some of your pictures at Beau’s house in Shreveport.

  3. I struggle with my computer. Well well. Maybe you get 2 similar posts. Wishing you health and happyness and safe travels in 2014. Hoping the rain has stopped and you enjoy NZ. Will drink a nice NZ Sauvignon Blanc tonight – cheers to you.

    • Hi Elke,

      Thank you and Happy New Year!
      Seems like weather is getting a bit better (even tomorrow there should be some rain) and warmer.
      Now it is time to enjoy north island 🙂
      Hopefully wine was good? 🙂


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