6 thoughts on “(English) Process to get bike from Sydney to Christchurch (airfreight)

  1. Hi Thierry!

    Good that my blog has been usefull 🙂
    Yes, I remember Mario, do not remember where I met him (starting to loose track of who I met and where)…
    I do not have personal fb account, but you can find my trip from Fb (there is a link in right side of the page.

    Wow! You have been a long time on a road and I guess you are still going to be few more years!

    I wish you a good and safe ridng year 2014!


  2. Hi Helmuli

    I follow your website since a while (discovered you in HU) and like to thank you very much for your detailled informations. I’m also on a trip around the world (since 6 years, starting in Mexico) and now it happens, that one year behind you on your traces. I am now in Bali and will ship my bike from Dili to Darwin in February (I already studied your informations concerning that shippment!). By the way, I met here in Bali a guy called Mario Iloth. You met him in southeast asia somewhere. I believe in Thailand, Or was it here in Bali? I’m not sure anymore, but Mario told me, that he met you. I just finish to spend 10 days in Bali and will proceed the 2nd to Lomobok….

    Anyway, thanks again for your valuable informations. In febraury 2015 I will also continue to New Zealand, hence I can also use your infos for this upcoming transfer. Are you in facebook? Under what name? So we can also hook up in fb, if you like. You find me in fb under Thierry Wilhelm. Foto is me on the bike on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (the saltflat of Uyuni)

    Take good care and I wish you a very happy, healthy and accidentfree new year!


  3. From Heike & Steve British Columbia Canada. It was great meeting you this afternoon at Bluff NZ. Heike & I both ride GS bikes. We wish you the best in you incretable journey around the world. sanoi:

    It’s Steve & Heike from British Columbia Canada
    We met you this afternoon in Bluff NZ
    We both ride a GS and admire that you are doing the dream ride of anyone who owns a GS
    Happy trails and keep the rubber side down
    Cheer & Best Wishes

  4. Hi from Spain. Too much time I do not write. Sorry dude but anyway I follow all your posts and with joy all your adventure. Congratulations and go on!!! Best regards, Carlos