April update

One month has passed since previous post! Time is going really fast at the moment… 1,5 month anymore till I will stop working…
So, what has happened in past month (main items)?

  • Travel insurance arranged from ADAC. Got excellent 2 year travel insurance (medical) in reasonable price.
  • Vaccination marathon is almost over. Still one vaccination to be taken on May. Also Cholera medication will be taken on May.
  • Medikit has been checked by my doctor.
  • Visumpoint.de is working currently with my Visas, hopefully there is no surprises…
  • Waterfilter arrived.
  • Started to empty my apartment
  • Carnet details clarified
  • China crossing paperwork sent. Actually I will do 2 separate China crossings (current plan): 1st is from Kirgistan to Pakistan and 2nd is from Nepal to Laos, both combined I will ride 30 days in China and visit some awsome places!!!
  • Things to be organized soon:

  • Sell all the stuff
  • Send Carnet application
  • Arrange banking stuff
  • Get all needed spare parts for the bike
  • This was just a quick update of the past month. Lot of planning and communication has been ongoing.
    Also now I really start noticing how fast time really goes… Feels like yesterday was 1st of April and now it is already middle of April!
    I have started to think that I do not have enough time to organize everything, but target now is to get most important stuff organized and do rest from the road.
    I should also get this blog ready for publishing, but still need to test and fix few items…

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